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Goodie Store

imageMain_2_13The 356 Registry is the largest 356 club in the world. I know you are all proud to be members of the Registry and I am especially proud to offer the Goodie Store to each and every member ...worldwide.

The clothing we wear, the accessories we display, the books and DVD's we review only reflect the loyalty to this wonderful marque. The technical information shared through 356Talk and tech sessions at 356 Registry Holidays is invaluable in keeping these unique cars on the road.

This Goodie Store is the only place you can buy items with the 356 Registry logo. I try to have a variety of products but I am constantly looking for new ideas. Since 1997, when I took over the Goodie Store, I think the store has come a long way. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Keep the 356 Faith!

Diane Morrill
356 Goodie Store

Enter the Goodie Store


The Goodie Store is Happy to make grille badges, pins, patches for your local 356 Club or Events. Please call 831-375-4442 or email for details.

M&M Enterprises gratefully accepts contributions to the American Cancer Society.
Collections are donated in the name of the "356 Cares Fund".
Please consider adding a $3.56 donation (or more!) to your order. Please use the DONATE button at bottom of next page. Thank you!

These and other exciting items can be yours! We have many, many other items not listed here!
You may call to place an order, call 831.375.4442.
If faxing, be sure to state color choices and sizes, where appropriate. Some items may not be in inventory.

We try to keep current as possible on the website, but some items do sell out before we can update these pages. Call for the latest information.

Keep the 356 Faith and thanks for your support this past year!

Diane Morrill
M&M Enterprises, 356 Registry Goodie Store