The official club for owners and enthusiasts of the original Porsche model, the 356.

Own or love Porsche 356s? Join our club. Nearly 7,000 Porsche 356 enthusiasts in over 40 countries are members of our organization. They enjoy concours, collecting, outlaws, racing, restoration work, historical research, and of course driving. Many members own newer Porsches as well, but tell us none of those can match the experience and joy of driving the original 356 model.

We are totally focused on the perpetuation of this special car and helping owners enjoy them with shared experiences. There is no better place to learn about the Porsche 356. Even if you don’t own one yet or are just seeking to learn more about them, you are welcome to join as a full member.

You’ll receive 6 issues per year of our full color magazine that will help you learn all about the Porsche 356, its history, and how to keep it running. You’ll gain access to members-only events, free classifieds ads and our online forum where you can get fast, personalized advice from experts.

Annual membership costs are only: $45.00 in the USA, $55.00 in Canada and $65.00 Internationally. Sample the magazine with several free articles, downloadable below.

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