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It is our intent to share as many 356 era official documents as possible to benefit our members. Content is added each month, and indicated with a **NEW tag by the link to the page or document that is recent. We are pleased to have been able to coordinate this effort which we hope will be an invaluable resource of 356 Porsche information for all members of the 356 Registry to use and enjoy. To learn more about this project, click this link for a Letter from Trustee Jim Wayman.  

If you have access to good quality scans or original documents, please take a look at our Literature wanted List and contact contact Jim.

Marketing Documents pertain to literature intended draw attention to the Porsche marque to create demand for vehicle ownership.
Sales Documents were items intended to be tools directly involved in the purchase of Porsche 356 automobiles and were used/distributed primarily by Porsche dealers.
Service Documents were originally intended to be used in service and parts departments at Porsche dealerships during and after the 356 era.
Owner Documents were those publications originally delivered with each new 356 at Porsche dealerships, distributors or the Porsche factory. 

The links above without underlines are not yet functional. The underlined links are active and will take you to what we currently have available for viewing. Rest assured, none of these areas is complete and should all be considered works in progress. Please check back periodically to view our progress, which will also be reported in the monthly 356 Connection e-update. 


We are grateful to the small committee that is scanning, touching up, and assembling documents and creating web pages. Those individuals are: Michael Branning, Fred Eiden, Craig Geiger, Brett Johnson, Lori Schutz and Jim Wayman. We are also grateful to members past and present who have been very generous providing original literature for scanning (or scans) as well as images for presentation. These include Jim Alton, Peter Bartelli, Rudy Bernhard, Michael Branning, Harry Burnstine, Jules Dielen, Andreas Dreher, Guido Eickholz, Albert Häfner, Spencer Harris, Tom Kaiser, Joris Koning, Robert Laepple, Mark Merz, Cem Ozbey, Michael Parsch, Jim Perrin, Fred W. (Bill) Rauskolb, Bill Romano, Maurizio Santini, Tony Singer, Stu Stout, and Jim Wayman. 

We are actively seeking additional items and this part of the project is being coordinated by Jim Wayman. If you have items that you think might be of interest, Jim can provide you with additional details about submission of materials.

Contact Jim about Helping

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