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Funding Form

Porsche 356 Registry Event Support Policy

In March of 2020, the Trustees enacted a policy to suspend financial support for regional events because of the risks of COVID19. It was a prudent decision given uncertainty about disease spread, availability of treatment, and demographics of membership. In January 2021, the following policy was adopted.

The Event Organizer must comply with the following:

Regional Event Funding Request Procedure

1 ) Event organizer to apply to the Porsche 356 Registry and receive event insurance coverage 45 days BEFORE the event -OR- secure insurance elsewhere.

a. Event organizer to provide proof of coverage if procured elsewhere.

2 ) Event organizer to submit completed Funding_Form.pdf to 356 Registry Event Coordiator

a. 356 Registry Event Coordinator to notify 356 Registry President of funding request

b. 356 Registry President to send event funding request to Trustees for review

c. 356 Registry President to notify 356 Registry Insurance Coordinator of Trustee decision

d. 356 Registry Event Coordinator to notify event organizer outcome of Trustee decision

Please contact if:

1) a hard copy of the form is needed

2) assistance with completion or submission of the form is needed

Rev 02/2021