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356 Registry Event Insurance Instructions

The Porsche 356 Registry, Inc. maintains a $1M general event liability policy to protect the Porsche 356 Registry, Inc. and Registry members organizing Holidays and Regional activities. We want to encourage Registry members to organize fun gatherings around our 356s, so this insurance provides an important free-of-charge benefit to Registry Holiday and Regional Event organizers.

Some Registry members have asked what events are appropriate to insure. If you are organizing an event requiring registration, whether it be a picnic, a car show or an organized driving event or tour for Registry members, you should request insurance coverage.

NOTE: If an incident would happen during any drives/tours, etc., any resulting claim must be filed with the member's individual auto policy.

At the time of registration for Registry-sponsored events (insurance and/or funding received), the organizers will request Registry membership numbers from all registrants. Active membership is required on the day(s) of the event. If a registrant is not a current member or if their membership lapses between the time of registration and the event, the organizer will notify the registrant to apply or renew their membership, either online at or by contacting the Membership Office 304-935-0356.

Event organizers will advise the registrants that if their co-entrant or guest drives the car during the event, the co-entrant or guest will also have to be a current Registry member.

Any non-member of the Registry who, is not registered as a co-entrant or guest for the event, and "shows up" on the day of a Registry-sponsored event will be advised of the membership requirement policy and be informed that they will not be allowed to register, nor participate in the event.

NOTE: If you as the event organizer receive any funding from the Registry, obtaining Event Insurance through the process outlined below is mandatory.

Porsche 356 Registry Event Insurance Policy:

The Porsche 356 Registry will provide insurance for regional and local events on a case-by-case basis, requiring a vote of the Trustees.


  1. All registrants must be club members
  2. All attendees must sign the K&K event and COVID19 waiver
  3. Attendees must observe all federal/state/local regulations and limits related to COVID19.
  4. Organizers must include disease risk management into their plan and assign a single point of contact responsible to keep it up to date.
  5. Organizers will ensure enforcement of the rules with ejection of participants for non-compliance.
The process to request insurance has been revised and if you have any questions, please contact Debbie Cooper at

To initiate the request for 356 Registry Event Insurance coverage, the event organizer must complete and email the "Request for Insurance Form" 45 days prior to the event to Debbie Cooper ( Note: "The Request for Insurance Form" is a writable PDF File.

Make sure your computer opens these files in Adobe Acrobat Reader © in order to utilize the auto-fill function. (It takes a few seconds for the forms to load)

Request For Insurance Instructions
Request for Insurance Form

Debbie will review information the information to ensure completeness.Following approval, she will notify you via email to complete the 356 Registry "Independent Club Event Liability (ICEL), Event Insurance Form B".


Form B Instructions

Form B

Rev 07/2021