356 Registry Event Insurance Instructions

The 356 Registry maintains a general $1M policy as protection for Holiday and Event organizers put on by regional clubs and Registry members. While a member's individual auto policy covers them during any drives/tours, etc. the 356 Registry's insurance is meant to cover the members, officers and volunteers and the 356 Registry in the event something happens which may expose them to a liability as organizers. After all, we want to encourage members to organize fun gatherings around our 356s so this insurance provides piece of mind to those organizers.

Some have asked what events are appropriate to insure. While going to a location for a regular regional club meeting is probably not something to worry about, if you are having a car show at a venue or a specific organized driving event or tour for Registry members and you are the event organizer, you should request coverage.

We strongly encourage you to get coverage for your event. If you receive any funding from the Registry, obtaining Event Insurance through the process outlined below is mandatory.

Note: All event organizers must be current 356 Registry members. Non-members will not have liability coverage under this policy.

The process to request insurance has been revised and if you have any questions, please contact Debbie Cooper at debbiecooper@porsche356registry.org.

To initiate the request for 356 Registry Event Insurance coverage, the event organizer must complete and email the "Request for Insurance Form" 45 days prior to the event to Debbie Cooper (debbiecooper@porsche356registry.org). Note: "The Request for Insurance Form" is a writable PDF File.

Make sure your computer opens these files in Adobe Acrobat Reader © in order to utilize the auto-fill function. (It takes a few seconds for the forms to load)

Request For Insurance Instructions
Request for Insurance Form

Debbie will review information the information to ensure completeness.Following approval, she will notify you via email to complete the 356 Registry "Independent Club Event Liability (ICEL), Event Insurance Form B".



Form B

Rev 08/18