The Porsche 356 Registry has around 6,700 members worldwide.

The 356 Registry was formed in 1974.

We are licensed as an Official Porsche Club by Porsche AG in the USA, and operate as an "umbrella" club for many smaller 356 organizations in North America.

The 356 Registry was formed in the US and we are licensed as an Official Porsche Club by Porsche AG in the USA. However, we have many members outside the USA because our magazine is the best 356 focused publication on the planet.
No, the only "requirement" to join the 356 Registry is that you have an interest in the Porsche 356. It is often extremely advantangeous for prospective owners to join the club as they can learn a lot about what to look for and to look out for during the purchasing process. Buying a 356 is not like going to your local Porsche dealer and selecting something which is a known. There are many unknowns regarding a 50 year old car and getting involved in the club early on in the process will help guarantee an enjoyable experience.
Yes, the 356 Registry is a recognized non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Ohio and is tax exempt through the US IRS code 501(c)(7) for Social and Recreational Clubs.
The simple answer is the members do, through their democratic election of trustees to represent them. There are currently seven trustees who manage club affairs and these trustees can appoint officers to manage particular areas of club operations per the club By-Laws.

The 356 Registry trustees are elected to three year terms by a vote of the membership. This vote happens annually in November and December. Any member in good standing can nominate someone as a candidate for a trustee position. The timing and mechanism of the trustee election is called out in the club By-Laws.

356 Registry officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. ) are elected on an annual basis by the trustees per the By-Laws.
No, trustees and officers of the club do not receive any monetary compensation for their efforts. Of course, anyone doing work for the club does receive out-of-pocket expense reimbursement based on our non-profit status and IRS guidelines.

No, the 356 Registry does not have any employees. There are essentially three service contracts which the club manages. These are publishing, membership management and Goodie Store management. These contracts are renewed for a period of one to three years and are open to bids.

To inquire or bid on any contract for the 356 Registry, contact any of the trustees listed under About Us/Contacts in the main menu.
The club By-Lays are available to all 356 Registry members. Go to About Us/356 Registry By-Laws in the main menu.

Usually. Member numbers are kept for up to two years after expiration. Contact membership to see if it is possible to assign your old number.

Recently, an issue arose with a member who was irate when he was told that he could not display his replica Speedster at a 356 Registry Holiday, even threatening legal action to force the club to allow replicas at club events. The question of replicas seems to come up more and more lately so we thought it would be good to clearly articulate the Registry's policy again. Replicas (cars whose chassis and components were not manufactured by Porsche or its coachbuilders), whether they look like Speedsters, Spyders, Convertible Ds, Cabs or even Coupes, have been around for many years. Almost all of them are fiberglass bodies on VW beetle chassis or on a tube frame chassis in the case of some. The quality of these replicas varies wildly and the best ones, using modern components, can have superior weight/horsepower ratios and consequently better performance and handling than the originals which they are cosmetically patterned after. We are not replica haters and can certainly appreciate some of them and we are happy to see anything that looks like a 356 on the road. As long as they are not promoted as a real Porsche, there is no issue and we hope they are enjoyed to their fullest and that it is a potential entry stage into a real Porsche 356.

However, the first sentence in the 356 Registry's Mission Statement is as follows: The mission of the 356 Registry, Inc. is the perpetuation of the vintage (1948-1965) 356 series Porsche. As a corollary we have also included any factory race or special production Porsche or derivatives from the 356 era as being of interest to the membership. What this means is that the 356 Registry always has and always will continue to focus on 356 era vintage Porsche cars (yes, the ones assembled in Zuffenhausen or even Gmund if you are so lucky). Modern replicas are not Porsches nor do they have much in common with a Porsche aside from the outward appearance thanks to the wonders of fiberglass. The Porsche 356 Registry is a factory- sanctioned Porsche Classic Club, dedicated to the history and peculiarities of the early Porsche automobile. Since there are more replica Speedsters and Spyders out there than real ones, allowing replicas into the 356 Registry could quickly dilute the mission, character and culture of the club. It would also violate our By-Laws and jeopardize our relationship with Porsche. There are many existing clubs with active participation opportunities for replica owners and we wish them well. However, the bottom line is that replicas simply have no standing as "Porsches" in this club and never have. As such, they are not permitted at the concours display at 356 Registry Holidays.

The only "requirement" for membership in the 356 Registry is that you have an interest in the Porsche 356. If you are an owner of a 356 replica, the Porsche 356 Registry invites you to join, but please understand that the club is not about your car but about the one yours is replicating.

Membership costs per year are: $45.00 in the USA, $55.00 USD in Canada and $65.00 USD Internationally. This includes 6 issues per year of our Club Magazine, full access to all features on our website and the right to register to attend Club Holidays and other Registry Events.

356 Registry Magazine

All magazines are mailed on the same date, however delivery times can vary substantially. If you are in the United States, delivery varies depending on if you signed up for standard Periodical Class delivery or First Class mail delivery ($15 extra). We ask that all members wait at least 4 business weeks (approx 1 month) before contacting the publishing office for a replacement magazine. Many times members contact us early and a replacement is sent out only to have their normal delivery occur soon afterwards. Obviously this costs the club extra money so please, be patient and if it has not arrived after 4 business weeks, then we would be happy to replace it. Just contact the publishing office by email
If you go south in the winter, or make other seasonal moves, you must let us know in advance where to send your magazine. Do not depend on the post offiec to forward your mail, even first class, after a short period of time.

Log on to your member profile (click "edit" in the lower left corner of the page) and change your address. You can do this as often as necessary, but remember, we need at least two weeks lead time in advance of these magazine mail dates: Jan 1, March 1, May 1, July 1, Sept 1, Nov 1.

You may also call ( 651-342-1524) or email the membership office to make a change.

Magazines damaged in the mail will be replaced at no charge. Please contact the publishing office by email or call 651-342-1524.
We encourage you to log in to your member profile to make address changes. The post office does not forward mail, even first class periodicals after a short period of time. It is your responsibility to let us know, either by changing your profile address, or by contacting us by email, phone or mail well in advance of your move. See "Contacts/staff" under "About us" in the main menu.
Porsche 356 Registry magazine mails on or around the first day of each odd-numbered month (January, March, May, July, September, November).

Commercial display advertisers of parts, services and 356 dealers are welcome. We do not accept advertising for non-Porsche related items. Advertising space is limited and not all ad size positions are available. Contact the publishing office at 651-433-0165 or email Mary Skamser at: Click HERE for a rate card and schedule.

356 Registry Holiday FAQs

Porsche 356 Registry Holidays are for members only. These events bring together registrants and their cars for several days of enjoyable comradery at an interesting venue, and have been held annually since 1975. We encourage all members to experience a Holiday at least once, although you will find it's hard to stay home again after taking part.
We strongly encourage members who would like to take part in a Holiday to register and pay for the event as far in advance as possible. While certain parts of a Holiday are open to the public, key functions such as tech sessions, lunches, dinners, receptions, hospitality suite and awards ceremony are restricted to only those members who have registered. Late registration just before and during the event is not always possible, as Holidays are often sold out in advance.

Please remember that our Holidays are organized and put on by volunteer members who work extremely hard to make things run smoothly. Asking them to accomodate unpaid or late arrivals is an undue burden.

Even if you are a Porsche 356 Registry member, you must have registered as an attendee and paid the fees to take part in a Holiday. If you "just show up" for the concours you are welcome to observe, just as any member of the public would be, but will not be allowed access to any other parts of the event.
The club hopes to offer the Holiday experience to as many members as geographically possible, thus an "East Coast" and "West Coast" event each year. at different times. We strive to find locations that provide scenery, historical significance, comfortable lodging and good driving roads for our 356s. At that we have been quite successful, owing to the hard work of the Holiday organizers over the last 35 years. Please note that the "coast" terms are very flexible, and a Holiday may take place anywhere in North America.
Holidays are organized by members just like you: individuals and groups who are motivated to help other members, show off their corner of the world and have a good time in the process. Feedback from our past organizers shows a lot of satisfaction from putting on a Holiday. If you are interested in helping or starting the process to host a Holiday in your area, contact any trustee.

If you would like to get involved in hosting a Holiday, contact any trustee. A Holiday organizer is available, giving step-by-step instructions and advice for laying the groundwork. There are many former Holiday organizers who are available to give advice and help create a proposal. A trustee will be assigned to help you organize your Holiday. See the organizer under News and Events>Organizing A Holiday.

Website General FAQs

You register on the site using your real name as your username. This is so that when you post on 356Talk your real  name is visible, promoting a more friendly, personal environment for online discussions. Thank you for your cooperation.
You must be a member and login to the website to post on 356Talk or post an ad in the Classifieds section. 

Before your first post, please read carefully the 356Talk rules and/or the Classifieds rules, you can find links to them in the menus at the top of the page. There are moderators that enforce the rules (unlike on some car sites, where almost anything goes) so it is your responsibility to be familiar with the rules.
  1. Sign in to the website.
  2. Click on your name (Hello----) on the upper right of the screen.
  3. Choose Profile
  4. Choose Edit Profile
  5. Choose Password
  6. Choose Edit Password
  7. Click Update

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To add a site to the Compatibility View list

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Once you turn on Compatibility View, Internet Explorer will automatically show that site in Compatibility View each time you visit. You can turn it off by removing it from your compatibility list.

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  1. Sign in to the website.
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Privacy FAQs

No it is not.

Also, when another member uses an "email" link on the site to contact you, they are sending the email "blind", meaning they do not see your email address.

They will only see your address when you respond to their email via the email software on your computer.

Note: there is no "PM" or private message function on this website or on 356Talk.

No they cannot.

Also, when another member uses an "email" link on the site to contact you, they are sending the email "blind", meaning they do not see your email address.

They will only see your address when you respond to their email via the email software on your computer.

The 356 Registry is committed to protecting member's privacy and does not share any information outside of the club. Our mailing list and email list are not for sale to any outside commercial ventures. If you receive any 356 related email or mail from anyone other than the club, you can be sure that the 356 Registry was not the source for their contact infromation.

356 Talk FAQs

356 Talk Forum Rules

Welcome to the 356 Registry Forums. The following rules are in place for the benefit of all. We take the position that you have read and understood all of them before you post to our site. The Moderators have final say on suitability of any user postings or “gray areas”. We reserve the right to delete or move incorrectly posted, unclear, confusing and flame type posts without notice. The right to edit or refuse publication of any post is also reserved; the 356 Registry is not responsible for errors, omissions or misrepresentation. Thank You.

Please welcome new comers to the 356 community and correct mistakes in a courteous manner. Try to help others. A forum is a community that works best when people share information about the cars and their experiences with them in a helpful and civil manner.

Please respect other people's time and bandwidth. Keep posts relevant; and always stay on topic.

When starting a thread please use a clear subject line; subjects like "LOL" or "Look at This!" are unacceptable. If you want eyeballs on your subject then you must carefully craft the subject header.

Provide enough details or pictures in your question so that people can help you. Think before you type; remember you are dealing with real people and you are not anonymous. Members must use their real names in their profile.

Use the search button at the top of the page before posting a new topic; your question may have been asked and discussed often previously. Also check the sticky items posted for frequent topics such as best tire, best carburetor and such.

Please take administrator and moderator warnings seriously. We reserve the right to edit and/or delete your posts and/or ban you from this forum without prior warning.


Unacceptable Use of the Forums

Using the Forums for personal conversation or argument; use the "email" button that is shown with every post.

Posting abusive or intolerant posts to other site members on the forums, or through email or private messages.

Posting non-356 related posts except in the Off Topic Forum (that is what it is for: non-356 related topics).

Posting "for sale" or "wanted" ads in any 356Talk Forum. They are only allowed in the Classifieds area of the website (Classifieds menu at the top of every page).

Posting copyrighted images or material, including photographs, logos, text excerpts or other intellectual property without permission from the copyright holder.

Posting nudity, graphic images, or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) links. Also, personal attacks based on sexual preference, religion, nationality, race, differing points of view and the like. This also includes insulting other members in posts, your avatar, or signature (this includes using another member's picture as your avatar).

Posting abusive, inflammatory, or threatening messages.Using obscene, antagonistic, or abusive language or images in posts, avatars, usernames, or signatures, and no animated avatars or graphics are allowed.

Discussing politics or making political statements

Posting links to online ads unless you have a legitimate question on the item or it is to highlight something that is misrepresented, involves possible fraud, or repro parts or cars that are listed as real.

Posting someone else’s full address or phone number or email without their permission. Posting email addresses in response to someone asking for contact information for a member. Automated "spambots" scour the web for addresses and will pick them up and use them to spam that person. Instead, use the "email" button associated with every post to contact the poster directly.

Posting the same message in two or more Forums.

Posting complaints about a forum or moderator activity, a club officer or a club issue is to be handled by private email. Moderators and Club officers are easily found in both the magazine and in contacts. Matters of policy or inquiries on finances or trustee activity should be addressed to the club president. As a general policy, we discuss related topics only by email, not publicly on 356Talk. We respect your privacy: please respect ours.

Abusing the quote button; include only as much as is necessary for context. This includes pictures.

Using excessive punctuation, smilies, annoying or unreadable text colors, or bold text.

your post in ALL CAPS or use repetitive punctuation like "!!!@@ LOOK @@!!!" or !!!WOW!!! in the subject line of your post. Typing your post in ALL CAPS is interpreted by many as "yelling".


We have been asked to clarify what this board considers a flame. Rather than making up our own new definition, the definition that has been on our off topic forum for a long time was added here. So, not sure how the moderators evaluate what a "flame" is on this site? From Wikipedia:

Flaming is the hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users. Flaming usually occurs in the social context of a discussion board, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) or even through e-mail. An Internet user typically generates a flame response to other posts or users posting on a site, and such a response is usually not constructive, does not clarify a discussion, and does not persuade others. Sometimes, flamers attempt to assert their authority, or establish a position of superiority over other users. Other times, a flamer is simply an individual who believes he or she carries the only valid opinion. This leads him or her to personally attack those who disagree. Occasionally, flamers wish to upset and offend other members of the forum, in which case they can be called "trolls". Most often however, flames are angry or insulting messages transmitted by people who have strong feelings about a subject.


Use the REPORT button

There is a report button "!" in the lower right corner of each post. If you see a post that violates the rules, please report it by clicking on that button "!".

Only the administrators can see reported posts and they really appreciate the help. There are hundreds of new posts each day and they can't see everything. They depend on everybody to keep these forums a useful resource for 356 Porsche enthusiasts, however please do not use the report button recreationally as we are all volunteers with limited time. (If there is no report button visible it means that post has already been reported.)


By using this forum you agree to hold blameless and without responsibility for any trauma experienced here. The 356 Registry reserves the right to update these rules without notice. Thanks for visiting our website.


Use at your own risk remember your settings before you change them, changing may change the structure of websites 356Talk Forum included...

Classifieds FAQs

All ads are automatically removed after they have been up for 60 days. So if your item has not sold after 60 days, you will need to create a new ad for it if you want to continue to advertise it in the Classifieds.

Open your ad and see edit/close at the top right choose close and it will delete your ad.

No. This is a 'non-bumping' board and the software will not automatically move your ad to the top if you make a change in your original ad. This was designed that way to give all equal time and reasonably same visibility and duration of an ad. Please do not attempt to circumvent this by deleting your old ad and republishing it as a new ad. If observed or reported that you have done so it will be deleted by the moderator with no warning.  An ad drops off at 30 days. Please update your original posted ad if you decide to edit or add/delete information, change a price, or add/delete a picture. Remember to delete your ad if the item is sold.

Once you are signed in, go to "Classifieds" at the top of the page. On the Classified page, click on the "New Classified" tab. The form is fairly easy. You pick the category and enter the text. You can also add a photo if you like. Once it's done, you click on the "create Classified" tab and it should be all set.

After you open My Classifieds click on edit and see Add Image at the lower left of the window.

See Search at top of the page and follow instructions.

Yes. You must be logged in to the site in order to view the Ad's contact information.

No, go to classifieds and choose My Classifieds and it will display a list of your ad's.

Yes, provided the ad is for a specific item. The classifieds is not open for general vendor advertisement. All vendor ads (an ad which is affiliated in any way with a commercial business, whether selling or buying), must be posted in the Vendors category. Posting for vendors is currently free and we encourage it. Please do not cross post your ad, i.e. post it in another category in addition to the Vendors category.
Yes, you may post ads which are also on another site, whether it be eBay, Craigslist, etc., however they must be placed in the Linked Ads category. Please do not cross post your ad, i.e. post it in another category in addition to the Linked Ads category.
Your email address is not visible to anyone, although anyone who is logged in can send you a blind email.
No, you cannot post duplicate ads for the same item in more than one category.  Choose the category that best fits your item and post your ad in that category.

Welcome to the Porsche 356 Registry Classifieds. The following rules are in place for the benefit of all. We take the position that you have read and understood them before you post to our site. The classifieds are actively moderated and ads which do not adhere to the rules will be deleted without warning. No whining please!

The Classifieds Moderator has final say on suitability of any user postings or “gray areas". We reserve the right to delete incorrectly posted, unclear, confusing, or suspicious ads without notice. The right to edit or refuse publication of any ad is also reserved; the Porsche 356 Registry is not responsible for errors, omissions or misrepresentation. Thank You.

Describe your items accurately. Intentionally misrepresenting an item or misleading a buyer , or posting in poor taste is grounds for extended suspension and possibly permanent revocation of classified privileges. Do not solicit the use of Paypal Friends and Family. It is against Paypal rules to use the Friends and Family option when paying for goods or services.

Ads are neither held in a queue for review nor delayed. They are immediately posted when you submit them and should be seen in real time. If you are having difficulty placing an ad and get messages such as "invalid token", or your system times out, or you see other error messages, or your ad does not post when you attempt to submit after clicking the button, PLEASE READ THE FAQ section first, for information and suggested corrections from our tech guys to resolve your posting issue before contacting the classifieds moderator.

-Ads are automatically removed after 60 days, at which time the member is free to renew the ad. Our software should send you a prompt before your ad expires asking if you wish to renew or delete the ad. Follow the directions in the prompt for this simple renew/delete process.

- General Posting information: Please do not post commonly and readily available items such as oil, grease, filters, single bulbs, tune up parts, additives, shop supplies etc; or non356 specific items like car covers or generic automobile accessories devices or parts.

  • Please ensure you SELECT THE CORRECT CATEGORY from the pull down menu to list your item when composing your ad; clearly IDENTIFY YOUR LOCATION, preferably with a zip code. We ask that you DO NOT publish your contact information in the body of your ad so only registered members will be able to contact you using the"Click here to contact" feature.
  • The 356 Cars category is only for vehicles manufactured by Porsche with an authentic 356 chassis number; or other Porsche cars built when the 356 was in production (e.g. 550, Beutler, RSK) with authentic Porsche factory numbers. Absolutely no replica, kit, tribute or re-creation cars are allowed under any circumstance.
  • The 356 Parts/Accessory category is only for specific 356 parts or other parts which are reasonably use-able on 356s, e.g. 912 engine parts, 4.5-6" Fuchs wheels (this does not include wider Fuchs, 944 "outlaw" wheels etc will fall into the all other parts/cars/lit category). Porsche parts pre-1970 are considered being "reasonably use-able" on a 356. This also includes accessories which are appropriate for a 356 and are of the era. Although there is some commonality in VW parts used in limited, specific places on 356's; please do not list parts that are clearly VW and do not crossover as a legitimate 356 part. Please, no replica /kit/tribute/ re-creation car parts either.

  • The 356 Literature/Memorabilia category is only for literature and unusual or authentic collectible items which are related to 356 production or are of the 356 era of Porsche (48-65). Reproduction items must be clearly labeled as reproduction literature or reproduction memorabilia.
  • The Toys/Holiday Memorabilia category is for period only produced toy cars/models such as Marklin, Dinky, Distler, CKO, Norev, Tekno etc. Toys are limited to representations of actual 356 cars along with other Porsche's produced from '48-'65. No 9 Series(except for 904) models/toys or non-vintage items allowed. Holiday memorabilia e.g. hats, shirts and Holiday Logo-ed items are also allowed to be listed here.
  • The Linked Ads category must be used if the ad directs the reader to another website where the item is for sale (exception is for a photo post site that is not connected to a commercial website), and must include a link to the item. If you have multiple items then you must list them ALL in one ad on this site in Linked Ads. A general item of interest such as a car or part or something 356 related that you've seen on another site and wish to share may also be included in the Linked Ads section. Please be sure to follow all classified rules when placing a linked ad; e.g. no non-Porsche cars or replicas. If you list a Linked Ad for an auction site, e.g. eBay, the listing must be closed within two days of the auction ending.
  • The Other Porsche Cars/Parts/Lit & Memorabilia category is for all other Porsche production cars, tractors, parts, literature and memorabilia listings. NOTE: This section is for everything else that is Porsche only with legitimate authentic factory chassis/serial numbers/VIN (including Porsche tractors. It is not, however, a "catch all" list. Please do not list any Non-Porsche items.
  • All badges, dash plaques, insignia, club or racing badges, and the like MUST BE PORSCHE SPECIFIC, and they may not be listed individually if you have more than one to sell....they must all be grouped and ALL listed in one ad.
  • Do not attempt to run an "auction", that is what Ebay is for. Set a price for your item and honor it. You can ask for best offer under these conditions: Set a price you are willing to accept – “Or Best Offer" indicates a willingness to accept a lower price if no-one meets your set price. If you set a price of $100.00 and someone offers $100.00 you must accept it, Refusing the offer at your set price and angling for higher offers constitutes an auction. Reported instances of this will result in deletion
  • Do not 'bump' (close and re-open)your ads prior to their expiration date, they will be deleted if bumping is observed by the moderator or reported by another user. Lowering a price does not allow you to bump. Please note that if caught bumping or closing and reopening ads prior to the 60 days your classifieds privileges may be suspended.
  • Please include photos of the item for sale when possible. See “Classified FAQs" if you are having trouble with photos. Do not knowingly use copyrighted items unless you have permission to use them. Please close or update your ad as "Sold" or "Pending" when an item is sold. You can do this by logging in and going to "My Ads" link on the Classifieds page.
  • Do not post ads selling titles or ownership documents of any kind, original chassis number (VIN) plates, hinge plates, or any VIN stamped parts, number stamping services, or tools for stamping VIN or engine numbers, or for copying or obtaining titles or ownership papers of any kind, or copyrighted items. Un-stamped engine case ads should be posted with caution. Please contact the moderator if you have questions
  • Do not post the same ad in multiple categories (no cross posting between categories).
  • Wanted to buy 356 car ads: Want to buy 356 car ads are restricted to 356 cars only. You can not have more than ONE Want to Buy ad running during any 30 day period. Bumping Want to Buy ads is strictly prohibited. You may renew them when the system sends you the automatic reminder before ad expiration.
  • Want to trade section: Want to trade ads are limited to propositions that are reasonable in scope. The moderator has the final say on appropriate content/scope of posts, do not push the envelope.
  • DO NOT TYPE YOUR SUBJECT LINE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, or selectively use caps to highlight a portion of your title text or use obvious descriptors or repetitive punctuation e.g: (**RARE**) in the subject line of your post. Exceptions are:Acronyms: NOS, WTB, etc. and notice of sale which may be marked in caps.

  • Do not post non-Porsche item, license plates, jewelry, clothing, commercial ads offering a service or "generic" Porsche items. The moderator has final say on appropriateness of all ads.

NOTICE: The Porsche 356 Registry has no legal ability to mediate transactions. However the moderator and/or Trustees have the authority to intervene should they deem it appropriate in instances of impasse. Demonstration of an inability to adhere to these rules or a disregard for the fraternal nature of this club can result in banishment from the classifieds.

Transaction rules are as follows:

  1. Seller will ship item within 7 days of receipt of payment. If buyer pays with personal check, seller will ship within 7 days after check is honored.
  2. If buyer is not satisfied with the Item, buyer may return Item at buyer's expense. Within 7 days of return of Item in same condition as received by buyer, seller will refund the price.
  3. Seller assumes risk of non-delivery when Item is shipped to buyer. Buyer assumes risk of non-delivery when item is returned to seller. It is suggested to use delivery confirmation and insurance.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, cost of shipping will be in addition to item price.
  5. By placing advertisements on the 356 Registry web site, seller agrees to honor these conditions. By ordering, buyer agrees to honor these conditions.

All postings are currently free of charge for members. Parameters have been adequately addressed above and all rights are reserved. The 356 Registry Goodie Store, the official club store, is exempt from normal posting restrictions.

Thank You. (Test)

Click on "Click here to contact"

Below is the message you will now receive when you click "Click here to contact" when you wish to contact the owner of the ad.
Simply click on the the email address and contact the interested party directly. Clicking on the email address will open
your email client with the address and you are to contact the person directly.
Do NOT cut/copy and paste the email address into your email program.
You will notice that that a check box has been added so that you may send yourself a copy of the contact for your records.
This change has been made because most email providers now think they know better than you do about what is spam/junk mail and are controlling it themselves.
Should you not receive a message you think you should check your spam/junk folder for the message.

Dear ...

You have received a response to your advertisement in the Classifieds on
Please do not hit "Reply" to this email as there will be no response.
You can directly contact the interested party through their email address here:


Test answer

Member Car Galleries FAQs

After you login click on your your name of the upper right side of the home page.

Choose Profile>Cars>Add or Edit cars.

At the top you will see two boxes, you can search by year or search by car type.

After you login click on your your name of the upper right side of the home page.

Choose Profile>Cars>Add or Edit cars.

Photo Gallery FAQs

Use the Member Car Gallery for your personal cars, use Photo Gallery for events, photos of interest, etc.

Event Callendar FAQ

At the top right of the main Event Calendar page are < > click to go up and back or "Today" to get back to current.

In the "News & Events" menu at the top of the page, click the "Calendar" link. That will take you to the main Event Calendar page. At the top left click "Add an Event".

VIN Database FAQs

Only 356 Registry members can access the Registry Database. On the main menu choose VIN DB and follow the instructions on the subsequent pages.

Only the administrator can change data. This is why when someone "updates" a record, it doesn't actually change the existing record but creates a new record based on the existing information. This information can then be amended prior to finalizing the "update". The reason for restricting this is to prevent unauthorized changes, and to create a "paper trail" of records on a car. If it was a free-for-all, someone could change existing information to hide something shady in the car's history, for example.

Data is collected through those interested in establishing records in the database. Another source is Eric Cherneff's website anything added by the public to that database will also eventually get added to the Registry database.

The 356 Registry has had informal chassis records but Eric Cherneff helped put them in electronic form. He created more than 10 years ago and subsequently gave the database, and pages that make the online database to the 356 Registry. He also provids support (along with some others) to maintain the database and associated pages. Information that is put into is shared with the 356 Registry. This sharing is ONE-WAY. If you put info into the 356 Registry database, it is NOT shared with any other websites.

Contact Eric Cherneff for questions or issues regarding the 356 Registry VIN Database.

Participation is strictly voluntary. If you want to submit just a chassis number and let the world know it is alive and well, or that you scrapped it 10 years ago, feel free. We encourage your name and contact information so that other enthusiasts can get in touch with you, but provide what you're comfortable with. Lots of people provide data "for information only" with no contact info. That's fine.
The database is not just for complete cars! If you have just an engine or a transmission you can enter just their numbers without an associated chassis number. We want engine and transmission entries so that people looking for a particular engine or trans number can find them. Of course if you don't enter your contact information then the people looking for your engine or trans won't be able to contact you!

Yes, lots. If you see them, please let Eric Cherneff know. Include the nature of the error and the correction. If there is a car that is reported "stolen", and you tell us it is not stolen, and you are a different person from the person who reported it stolen, we might be asking a few more questions. If you tell us you don't own chassis number 11112, but you do own 111121, that will be an easy fix. This database belongs to the members of the Registry; please help to improve it.

  • Login and click on VIN DB in the top menu of the home page.
  • Enter what you would like to search for (such as VIN) and click Search.
  • Click on any of the "links in blue" in the Search Results and you will see the page with the complete history, that is in the database of the VIN number that you have chosen.
  • If there are no search results returned, the item that you searched for is not in the database.

Archives FAQs

These are from the early 356Talk that was an email list before the switch to PHPBB format.

If you know the Issue just go to Magazines in the main menu click to open and search that Issue.

If you are looking for a particular story or issue, please email the publishing office.
Our phones are often busy so please try an email first.

On the main menu choose Resources>356Talk Archives.