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There are two methods to search for the parts and services you are looking for - the Vendor Directory Search and the Parts and Services Vendor Listing. 

The Vendor Directory Search is a search tool which provides detailed information about Vendors who support our club by advertising in the Porsche 356 Registry magazine.  Use of the Vendor Directory Search is described below. 

The Parts and Services Vendor Listing is a one page list on a separate web page with a listing of known businesses to provide parts and services for the 356 community.   Our advertisers are listed in red bold text in the listing. 

Links to both methods are provided on this page. 
The links to vendors provided are resources for those interested in the Porsche 356. No endorsement by the Porsche 356 Registry is intended, nor implied.

For additions, corrections or deletions to the vendor listings, please contact the Vendor Directory Administrator here: Vendor Directory Administrator

Vendor Directory Search 

View the Parts and Services Vendor Listing

Vendor Directory Search

The Vendor Directory Search tool (link in the red box above) enables searches by either 1) entering a vendor name or a word in the description of the vendor (as entered by the vendor) in the "Search Text" box, and/or 2) entering the applicable Category and Vendor Type (subcategory) in the Search Criteria drop-down boxes.  The following search categories/vendor types are available: 

356 for Sale  All (Choose <Select>)
356 Financing  All (Choose <Select>)
Art / Collectibles  All (Choose <Select>)
Books / Videos  All (Choose <Select>)
Boutique, Clothing, Gear  All (Choose <Select>)
Chemicals, Oils, Supplies  All (Choose <Select>)
Insurance, Collector Car  All (Choose <Select>)
Parts, Accessories, New  All (Choose <Select>)
Parts, Accessories, New  Accessories
Parts, Accessories, New  Original Replacement
Parts, Accessories, New  Racing, High Performance 
Parts, Accessories, New  Rubber Trim 
Parts, Accessories, New  Sheetmetal 
Parts, Accessories, New  Upholstery / Tops 
Parts, Accessories, Used  All (Choose <Select>)
Repairs  All (Choose <Select>)
Repairs  All, General Mechanical Repairs
Repairs  Engine Specialist 
Repairs  Machine Shop
Repairs  Transmission Specialist
Restoration  All (Choose <Select>)
Restoration  Complete Restoration
Restoration  Component Restoration
Restoration  Metal Repair Specialist
Restoration  Paint Specialist
Restoration  Upholstery Specialist 
Tools  All (Choose <Select>)


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