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The starter, which is used to crank the engine, must overcome the combined resistance of the compression, piston friction, and bearing friction. In order to be able to provide the considerably large torque required for this purpose, the starter draws a very high current.

The design of the starter is similar to that of the generator. The main difference lies in the fact that the starter is a current consumer and the generator a current producer. The overrunning clutch coupling, mounted on the starter drive, breaks the connection between engine and starter as soon as the peripheral speed of the flywheel exceeds that of the starter pinion.

Reference Documents

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Starter section - Porsche Factory Workshop manual
356B/C Version

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Starter section of T6 Workshop manual

Under Construction

Manual pages to be extracted and linked

Porsche Factory Parts Catalog section

Includes notations by Bill Romano



The Starting System - Greg Bryan

Porsche 356 Registry Website V39 Issue 5

Detailed technical article on the description and testing of the starting system.

The starting system (V39511)

Solving Ignition Switch and Starter Problems - Joe Leoni

Porsche 356 Registry V23 Issue 5

Article on trouble shooting starter and ignition switch electrical issues.

Solving Ignition Switch and Starter Problems (V23513)


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