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2022 Trustee Election Candidates

The candidates are in! We will be using the same Election Runner software as we have in the past to cast your vote.  You do not need to be logged into the 356 Registry website to vote.   Active members can also request a paper ballot.  If you want to receive a paper ballot, please contact the Membership Office during October.  The paper ballot with a return addressed envelope will be sent to you at the beginning of November.  Please complete the ballot, use the provided envelope and add a stamp, then mail to make sure your ballot is received by December 1, 2022. 

This year the following members are running for the two open trustee positions in the upcoming election: Michael Branning, Tony Madsen, Michael Puldy, Lee Raskin, and Jim Wayman.  Their “Candidate Statements” are shown below. 

On November 15, 2022, an email notification will be sent all to active members with an electronic ballot.   The on-line election will run from November 15, 2022 – December 1, 2022.  The online ballot will expire at 5pm eastern on December 1st.  The accountants will tally the electronic and paper votes and provide the results later in December.

Your membership must be active by November 10th to receive a ballot. Go online and check your profile or contact the membership office ( or call the Membership Hotline at 304-935-0356 ) to confirm your current email address or if your membership is coming up for renewal between now and November 10th.


Michael Branning

It has been both challenging and rewarding to be a trustee for the past 3 years. We have well qualified candidates running this cycle and that is great for our club. As the President for the past two years, you’ve already had a chance to hear my voice in the Magazine on various matters such as the website, membership trends, events, financial health, the magazine, and our relationship with Porsche… so I’ll summarize a few thoughts.

Creating opportunities for members to positively interact, share great experiences, learn about the Porsche 356, and support one another is a Trustee responsibility. I believe the club should be run in a professional manner with a strong emphasis on promoting this goodwill. It is very important to me that we protect and make available to members as much Porsche 356 knowledge as we can, in our magazine and on our website. This includes preserving the contents of our 356Talk Forum and also older publications when we can gain licenses for them.

A lot of work has been accomplished these last 2 years and I’ll point out a few examples. We initiated an online technology and business tools upgrade by developing a new website built on a commercial platform designed for running clubs. We’ve upgraded our forum software to be more secure and to perform better. A team of volunteers was organized to monitor the Classified ads to reduce fraud and assist members. Another volunteer team of over a dozen members read every issue of the Registry magazine and created descriptions and search keywords that now make 5000+ Registry articles individually searchable on the website. Working with Gordon Maltby, we salvaged 400GB of magazine data from his old DVD-ROM backups, which is now archived safely. With support from the Trustees, a license with Joe Leoni’s heirs was negotiated so all members could access the wonderful 356 Electrics books to keep their cars on the road.

There is much more work to be done and I would appreciate your vote of confidence to allow me to continue to serve the club as a Trustee for the next three years.


Lee Raskin

I have always been in love with our marque’s TYP 356 – for its design, racy elegance, performance, and its enduring legacy. Having said that, I have been a faithful Porsche 356 Registry member since the mid-1970’s, as well as a current contributor / columnist to our Registry magazine…writing a feature column: Through The Rear View Mirror – about various celebrity’s 356s and 550s; while also contributing book reviews for the Registry at the behest of our fantastic editor, Peter Bodensteiner.

I am Lee Raskin of Brooklandville, Maryland; a retired trust and estate lawyer, while during my adult life, I have been a multiple 356 owner, a concours enthusiast, a vintage racer; and now a Porsche historian and published author. Over my Porsche-related past, I attended multiple 356 East Coast Holidays and Potomac-Owners Group-events. I have served as a PCA National Panorama Contributing Editor, a PCA Chesapeake Regional vice president, treasurer, newsletter editor; a Zone 2 Chesapeake Challenge Chairperson, and I have been a National PCA Parade Concours competitor.

For over twenty-years, I have also been a multi-marque vintage racer competing in VSCCA / SVRA / VRG / Rennsports events from Watkins Glen to Daytona and cross country to the Monterey Historics with my 356 A coupe. Now, not a week goes by where I am engaged in various internet conversations or being an invited guest on a podcast talking about James Dean’s Porsche 356 Speedster (VIN 80126) and his infamous “Little Bastard” 550 Spyder (VIN 550-0055). A whole new generation has become interested about these legendary Porsches. My fifth Porsche book -- James Dean and the 356 SpeedsterLove At First Sight is in the queue for a 2023 publication.

I would like to become a 356 Registry Trustee -- to offer my vast experience as a public / private sector fiduciary, a 356 enthusiast, and a Porsche historian / author -- to work alongside our Porsche 356 Registry Officers, Registry Magazine staff, Membership Services, the 356Talk Forum, 356 Goodie Store, Club volunteers, and our Board of Trustees -- to strengthen and to grow all aspects of this amazing organization. Many of your concerns are also mine as well. Our membership is aging rapidly along with our 356s. I would like to continue to expand existing programs to attract new members. Working with Lori Schutz, our Club Coordinator, and Mark Roth, our Digital Coordinator for the 356Talk Forum, I believe we can offer programs with more inclusion to bolster our present as well as our future membership.

In closing, I would like to give special thanks to Debbie Cooper, our outgoing Registry Trustee, who during her Trusteeship –  focused on the strategic planning of real initiatives that has certainly been instrumental to all the members. As an elected Trustee, I will always be mindful of the fiduciary responsibility to all of you…and to assist in making prudent decisions that will only benefit the Porsche 356 Registry. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve as your trustee…and I would sincerely appreciate your support.


Michael Puldy

I’ve loved the Porsche 356 since my college days of the 1980’s and finally acquired a 356B T6 electric sunroof coupe in 2018. In the same year, I enthusiastically joined the board of the 356 Club of Southern California and have served the last three years as club president. This experience has provided a fantastic opportunity to learn the challenges and operational mechanics faced by any large-scale car club. From this foundation, I would be honored to expand my role in the 356 community and join the Trustees of the Porsche 356 Registry. 


If elected, listening to fellow Trustees, the members, and our sponsors to understand what would make our club better would be my first priority. I feel we must raise the bar in creating value for our members beyond our website, our intellectual property, and our world class magazine. And while I have many thoughts on next steps, I find it's best to find consensus first and then execute. 


As Trustee, I will focus on teaming with fellow Trustees, acting as a leader and helper for critical projects and events, and expanding how our membership at large is represented and heard within the club’s decision-making process.

During my time with the 356 Club of Southern California, my key responsibilities included: establishing the Club’s strategy, protecting the Club’s intellectual property, modernizing the Club’s website and events technology, and transparently managing the Club’s financial plan. Working with the board, we financially strengthened our balance sheet and grew membership.

My professional experiences were in banking, aerospace, and as an executive with the IBM Corporation (retired). During my career, I focused on the niche specialty of reducing business risk with a heavy focus on cybersecurity and IT disaster recovery which I believe will help the club in this digital age. I’ve taken a hands-on role by chairing or teaming on many events including: the Club’s Porsche 356 only Concours d’Elegance, the All Porsche Swap Meet, Palms to Pines, and North Meets South. In September, 2023, I will chair the Third Rennsport 356 Registry Reunion.  Nevertheless, what I enjoy most is driving my car. Whether it’s a cross country road trip, a regional event or out to dinner in Los Angeles, as we all know, these cars are a blast to drive!


Unfortunately, on my return from the most recent North Meets South, I was rear-ended, and my car was nearly totaled by a Prius. Turning a negative into a positive, I’m now actively involved in a rebuild and restoration project. This gives me an opportunity to go back to the original colors: Heron Gray with red interior. I look forward to driving her to the next Rennsport Reunion. Starting from these vantage points, plus my common overriding love of the Porsche 356, it would be a sincere privilege to apply my skills and passion as a Porsche 356 Registry Trustee.



Tony Madsen

My name is Tony Madsen. I have admired Porsches since I was a youngster as my Dad has had his '71 914-6 since 1973. I have photos of me washing the car in 1979 at age 2. He was constantly teased that he owned the "poor man's Porsche." Fast forward about 35 years; I joined the 356 Registry when I bought my first 356 Porsche in 2015. A guy called me, saying "I have an old Porsche; the book inside [Dr. Johnson's] says 3-5-6." I made an appointment for that morning and purchased a SUPER rusty 1960 356B Super T-5 less its engine. 35 plus Porsche cars later, the rest, as they say, is history. 


Currently, I own three 356 cars and some other air-cooled VWs and Porsches: a 12/55 "Pre-A" Speedster, a '59 A coupe and a '65 C coupe. I still buy rusty, incomplete projects that reside in barns, sheds, garages, backyards, and woods, in order to help finance my personal cars as well as facilitate THAT car to being on its way to being restored. My one-tony-powered operation is called German Jalopies LLC, mostly focused on selling used original parts for air-cooled VW and Porsche, though I do sell an occasional "tub" because I cannot afford to restore them all, myself.


Being a member has been a rewarding experience to learn from and meet friends that share our common interest. I attend Ski Roundtop and the Carlisle (formally Hershey) swap and shows, both of Pennsylvania and the Stoddard show of Ohio, annually. When I swap Porsche/VW cars or parts, I pride myself in being honest and upfront as being of good character will always come back to you. I enjoy giving advice to people whom are just getting into the hobby; this mentoring attitude comes from the decade I spent teaching social studies and language arts to middle and high school students. Many of our readers may recall, that I introduce myself to everyone selling parts at swap meets. I have been included in a yearly tradition of eating at local places the night before the Stoddard and Carlisle shows for the last few years where I have gotten to know even more members.  I have also read most of the past Registry issues, to learn as much as I can. 


The next logical step to contribute to the registry may be to become a trustee. Furthermore, I plan on writing for the magazine as I have many 356 stories just as I have written for the last seven years for the Vintage VW of America club magazine, the Vintage Voice. Finally, I am an active member of the PCA, whom of late seems to appreciate 356s once again, or at least at the NNJR event, I just attended with my C coupe, anyway. I was the only authentic 356, there.  I could go on and on, but for now, I appreciate everyone for their consideration of my candidacy.


Jim Wayland

My name is Jim Wayman and I would appreciate your vote. In over 50 years involvement with 356s I have met many great friends and been helped by Porsche enthusiast who have shared their time and knowledge unselfishly with me. I would like to give back in any way I can and so the bid for a Trustee position (I have been told by a friend that being a Trustee is like watching your mother-in-law drive over a cliff in your 356). I promise that I will give it my best and do everything I can to be a contributing and harmonious member of the team.

My first introduction to Porsches was in 1956 when a new customer for my paper route moved into our neighborhood with their relatively new 1955 Turkish Red Continental coupe. I carpooled in the car for some time and got to love it. My first Porsche was in 1971 when I acquired a Speedster which was my regular driver for several years. The Speedster was followed by a 65 SC, a 70 911T, a 904, a 1979 911SC, a 1955 Continental Cab, a 1952 coupe and finally that first Porsche I rode in, the 1955 Turkish Red Continental coupe. It had been put up on blocks almost 40 years earlier with 50,000 miles on it and has never been apart.

In the late 1970s, while attending a Parade, I was talking with some other Porsche literature collectors about the newly released Merritt and Miller Porsche literature book, which claimed to contain “…All the Known Brochures and Sales Literature…” of the 356 era. We all observed that we had many pieces in our collections that were not in the book. I volunteered to compile a listing of all the 356 literature we knew of. At the most recent LA Lit Meet, Prescott approached me and credited the work we did on that Listing as the catalyst for the Lit Meet, which I have attended from the beginning. Recently, I started a Registry of 1955 Continentals and developed a website for information on those cars ( It now covers over 500 cars. I have also started a service which restores zinc plated parts for our cars at a nominal cost.

My particular 356 interests are in restoration, technical information and factory workshop tools, which I collect. I believe that Trustees should encourage growth of the membership and a platform that provides opportunities for all members to find a home for their particular interests in the club. I fully support the concept of expanding the Registry website to include much more material. I belong to other marque clubs that have websites that archive owner’s manuals, shop manuals, technical bulletins, sales materials and many other resources for members. I have contributed a number of items for inclusion on the website and have ideas for much more material that would expand the access to knowledge about our cars to all members. Thank you for your support.


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