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Harry Pellow - "The Maestro"

About Harry Pellow

Harry was a Mechanical Engineer from MIT living in Northern California and operating his business HCP Research. He was a colorful character who wrote a regular column in the 356 Registry magazine under the pseudonym "The Maestro". It included stories of adventures as the Maestro bought/sold 356 engines, solved customer problems, researched the minutia of 356 engines, and rebuilt engines. It also combined political and social commentary that today might raise an eyebrow or two, but was fair game for the day.

He wrote his column for 20 years, published five books and produced several video tapes. Harry was a computer enthusiast and created a database where he tracked engine observations and all of the engines he built. Harry also was a regular speaker at Registry Holidays where he would entertain and inform attendees about his collection of broken and mangled 356 engine parts.  He was always there to answer questions and stayed as long as the questions would come. He held court in the parking lot.

This article in Autoweek noted his passing in March of 2003 at the age of 57. The 356 Registry published a eulogy for Harry in May entitled simply, The Maestro. The auction of the contents of his shop was reported in The Harry Pellow Auction in the November issue of the magazine. Gordon Maltby, the editor of the Registry magazine wrote this remembrance about Harry.

Harry was awarded the 356 Registry’s highest honor, induction into the Hall of Fame in 2004. The award was presented to his family at a moving ceremony described in this President's Letter in the Registry magazine.  

Harry's family maintains Harry's website which preserves that moment in time when it was an active website full of Harry's publications, services and good humor.  Check out his descriptions of his books and videos and read some of his writings at The Maestro's Library  Harry's products are no longer in publication but copies can usually be found for sale at the usual internet sites. 

Harry Pellow in pickup with engine

The Maestro's Registry Columns

Harry was a prolific contributor to the Registry's magazine and his columns can be found within the preserved articles available for download.

Here's the Maestro's first column.

The most efficient way to find Harry's columns is through the site's Document Search function. Before jumping in though, please understand that the system returns only a maximum of 30 articles. Harry's search results may give a count more than 30, so you have to narrow the search down by searching only in specific magazine volumes, or if the results are more than 30, issue by issue.

For example, search for "Pellow" and then, in the Document Folder, select a specific range of Magazine Articles,
i.e. "V20-29".  Be sure to check the "Include Sub-folders" box.

For details on conducting a narrowed-down search, please refer to the Search Help document - PDF

Search Pellow in Documents

Maestro's Book Library

An amazing library, unfortunately no longer available:


The ABCs (and 912s) of Porsche Engines

It's the Maestro's Magnum Opus, the Granddaddy of all his Books & Tapes.


Secrets of the Inner Circle

The "Maestro's Assembly Manual" for the Porsche 356/912 Engine. (It's The Book from which the Engine Assembly Videos were made.)


The Maestro's Little Spec Book and Emergency Breakdown Procedures

Contains all the information you must know to "Blueprint" your engine! Same Size as the Factory Driver's Manual so it fits in the glove compartment or map pocket.


Murphy is My Copilot

The Porsche 356/912 problem-solver and update to "The ABC's of Porsche Engines" and "Secrets of the Inner Circle". If your Porsche is plagued by apProblem no one can solve, this Book is for you!


The Maestro Chronicles

If you've read "The ABC's of Porsche Engines, "Secrets of the Inner Circle" and "Murphy is my Copilot", you know how much money they have saved you. But if you want to know what Important New Stuff was found/learned/discovered since the Books were published, then you need the "Maestro Chronicles".


The Maestro's Newsletter

Stories, Tips & Tricks Hot off the Maestro's Computer to keep your 356/912 Porsche running after the Year 2000. When all the computer-controlled stuff fails, your 356/912 will keep on trucking. It's the "Drudge Report" for Porsche 356/912 Owners!


View the Book Library here


Maestro's Video Library

An amazing library, unfortunately no longer available:

"It is easy to build your own Porsche 356 ENGINE with the Maestro's step-by-step videos. Learn how to do a complete overhaul, teardown & reassembly (it's directly applicable to 912's, and very helpful for 914's and VW's too!)"

The Maestro's "Engine Assembly Video"

An epic 10-hour, 5-DVD Set showing how to do a Complete Overhaul, tear down & reassembly of a Porsche 356 engine

The Maestro's "Tune Up Video Tape"

Shows how to do a Porsche 356/912 Tune Up, using his Super-Duper Super-90 Engine, tastefully gold plated "reasonable cost".

The 356/912 Engine, Exploded View

A roughly 2-hour Video or DVD of the Best (or Worst) examples of the Maestro's Collection of Failed Porsche Engine Parts.

View the Video Library Here

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