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10-14mm & 11-12mm hazet wanted

Looking for 10-14 & 11-12mm hazet wrenches, early L underlined version for pre A / early A. Any help appreciated. Thanks Rob.

Rob DuBerry Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Any Jun 17, 2018
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Porsche 356A bodyshell

Does anyone have something for sale like the attached photo.....356A outer sheet metal in one piece.....don’t need any parts just the outer tub......anything considered.....looking to spend up to a...

Mark Curbishley Wanted 356 Cars $ UK Jun 17, 2018
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Amco rack

Wanted: Amco rack or other small luggage rack for a single grill car. 480-994-1064 949-715-5226

John R. Amoroso Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Laguna Beach CA Jun 17, 2018
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Klein Phillips Driver to trade for Klein Straightblade

Looking to TRADE my Phillips Klein Screwdriver for a Straight Blade Regular Klein Screwdriver Condition should be the same or close to it

Mark D. Merz Wanted Want To Trade $ Sausalito Jan 04, 2016
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WTB speedster boot

Red vinyl speedster boot (used)

Jay Haskell For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $ Los Angeles Jul 06, 2018
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356 B T5 T6 wheel rim

wheel rim for sale: need total restoration: 4/61 $349 5/63 $349 2/63 $249

tony madsen For Sale All Other Porsche Cars/Parts/Lit & Memorabilia $ va Sep 24, 2017
Oil seal instalation tools  osit

Oil Seal Installation Tools; aft-P73 & aft-P73b

Hi. We’re oil seal installation tools for the Porsche 356 pushrod engine, aft-P73 and aft-P73b. I am aft-P73, and in the pictures shown, always on your left and the smaller tool. Just becaus...

Albert F. Tiedemann Jr For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $ 21120 Mar 13, 2016
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WTB VDO Outside Temp Gauge

Looking for the small dash mounted VDO Outside Temp Gauge offered as an accessory, in working order. Prefer NOS but will consider what you may have.

Doug DePew Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Will consider any world wide May 23, 2018

Pre A Continental belt

I am looking for a original belt with specification as shown in picture to complete a early pre A tool kit. Hope there is one out there.

Simon Jensen Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Spain Jun 30, 2015
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wanted speedster/conv. D spears

Hi you guys I need some original spears and clips for my conv. D. I need a driver's door, two small door handle pieces and a passenger front spear. thanks alot

R.J. Alldritt Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ bend, oregon May 25, 2018