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1963 Carrera 2 - Concours restoration

VIN #: 124736 Mileage: 60,375 Transmission: Manual 4 speed Condition: Mint Exterior: Silver Metallic 6206 Interior: Black Leatherette/B - 1963 Porsche Carrera 2 356 Coupe - Matching number...

Fred Brubaker

Member since 04/14

For Sale 356 Cars $675,000 USD Allentown, PA Sep 24, 2021
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356 coupe or cab


David Petitti

Member since 04/19

For Sale 356 Cars $ any Apr 22, 2020
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Wanted: Notchback with Factory Sunroof

Yes, I know it's a long shot, but if I don't ask...

Steve Carroll

Member since 11/18

Wanted 356 Cars $YTM Anywhere Aug 01, 2021
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Wanted - Speedster project

I know this is a really big long shot. 40 years a Porsche man, and passionate about the brand, cars and people. Im looking for a really rough Speedster to buy. Cash in hand. My goal is not to resto...

Gary Turner

Member since 06/20

Wanted 356 Cars $What ever it takes! Anywhere Sep 08, 2021
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Wanted: Convertible D

Looking for a great Convertible D or even a serious project. Thanks.

Greg Long

Member since 10/19

Wanted 356 Cars $Whatever! Anywhere! Dec 13, 2020
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Wanted early 356 Coupe Porsche.

Looking for a 356 between 1956 to 1959

Demian Kirschner

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Cars $Price point under $200,000 Arizona Aug 31, 2021
Fullsizeoutput 253

1965 C Coupe

Driver quality 65 C coupe. Numbers matching, certificate of authenticity, Kardex, fresh engine rebuild, new tires, shocks, converted to 12V, electric fuel pump, documented with photos.

Joseph Scafario

Member since 07/16

For Sale 356 Cars $$69K C Bradenton Florida Oct 11, 2019

Wanted: Oslo or Bali Blue 356B T6 or 356C Coupe near California

My wife and I are in the market to buy our first 356 and have our heart set on either Oslo or Bali blue, preferably with a red interior.

Ryan Bankhead

Member since 09/16

Wanted 356 Cars $TBD California Aug 09, 2021

1964 Porsche 356 SC Coupe

1964 Porsche 356 SC Coupe. This 356 SC has spent it's life in inland California. Fasteners, nuts and bolts seem to be corrosion free. It is very dry and solid. This car has been off the road for ma...

Kristen Lily

Member since 04/14

For Sale 356 Cars $74,800 California Jun 27, 2021
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Looking to buy 356

Contact me if you are looking to sell your 356! I will get back to you and see what you have!

Erick Quintana

Member since 05/20

Wanted 356 Cars $100,000 Costa Mesa, CA May 28, 2020
20200516 163227

Original Paint 1962 1600 N Coupe Air Force General owned

From my collection; Offering a time capsule of an early 1962 Coupe . 53 years owned by Air Force General 90% original factory paint. All interior is superior condition all original. 35 Years ...

Ibrahim Kuzu

Member since 04/14

For Sale 356 Cars $225 K obo Dallas,TX Sep 07, 2021

1961 Porsche factory owned first Notch back S90 Coupe

" Partial 356 trade considered " The only one time chance to own the first Notchback came off the line and designated to KD Herrn Klauser Chief Engineer by Porsche factory. The first n...

Ibrahim Kuzu

Member since 04/14

For Sale 356 Cars $350K obo Dallas,TX Sep 08, 2021
Bill 64 cab 011

64 356 Cab

64 Cab, in bare metal with all metal work complete. Interior,drive train,working top frame,and all misc. from original disassembly included. Original battery box. All work performed by Porsche r...

William Cook

Member since 04/14

For Sale 356 Cars $65k obo dillsburg,pa Feb 21, 2021
Img 0173

65 356 C

Owned over 40 years, excellent driver, matching numbers, low mileage on rebuilt engine,fresh zeniths, split zone brakes, new fuel tank, nice interior, no rust. paint needs attention. Many spare par...

Richard Turchiano

Member since 04/14

For Sale 356 Cars $115,000.00 Eastern Long Island, New York Sep 15, 2021
Img 2360

1961 356B Outlaw

1961 356B Outlaw, car was restored 5 years ago and was repowered with a 912 motor. The car was acquired by me and stripped. all bumper indents and holes were hand dollied and filled. new paint, spe...

wylie nagler

Member since 09/20

For Sale 356 Cars $120K OBO Florida Aug 20, 2021
2015 03 08 10.11.51

Porsche 356 t-2 cabriolet

Looking for a t-2 cabriolet, can have the normal rust, apart or ? with or with out a top, please forward a price and pictures, what do you have?

Kenneth Raichert

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Cars $ytm Los Angeles California or Palm Springs or where ever Mar 09, 2015
58 rt side

1950-1959 Porsche 356 A or pre A wanted in any condition

I am looking for a 1950-1959 Porsche 356 A or Pre-A to eventually use as a nice driver. Condition is unimportant and rusty or incomplete is ok. I am not looking to over restore this car or for a s...

Kristen Lily

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Cars $Any nationwide Oct 23, 2014

Porsche 356 B or C

Member is looking to purchase a 356 A, B or C. Coupe or Cab. Any color. Any Condition! Thank You.

robert shelbourne

Member since 03/19

Wanted 356 Cars $Price to be determined by condition. New Hope Pa. 18938 Mar 15, 2019
Img 3664

1955 Porsche 356 Continental Cabrio

-1955 The Only Year The Continental was Manufactured Serial Number 60771 -One of 50 356 Continentals Cabrios sold -Restored to the Highest Standards in 2014 by Shamrock Racing -Black with Stunni...

Elliot Cuker

Member since 04/14

For Sale 356 Cars $297,000 New York NY Jan 20, 2021
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WTB: 356 Convertible D

We are looking for a 356 Convertible D on behalf of a client. The nicer the car the better, but we would consider all Convertible D's short of a full restoration project.

Elliot Cuker

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Cars $100 NY, NY Feb 15, 2021

[WTB] Looking for my dad's 1965 356SC

Here's the history I could piece together between his memory and the few remaining photos and documentation we have: The car was originally purchased in 1977 from an individual we had previousl...

Zachary Scott

Member since 11/17

Wanted 356 Cars $1,965 Oakland, CA Feb 25, 2019
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I believe I have the original engine for this 62 car. Does your car currently have engine 085 582? Was it previously owned by Neil Rudo?

Larry Greenhaw

Member since 05/18

Wanted 356 Cars $Trade? Oklahoma City Aug 06, 2021

1954 Porsche 356 Pre-A Cabriolet

Current owner since 1996; Only 1,409 Pre-A Cabriolet’s made; Saved and restored in California; Original engine, 1100cc, 40 hp replaced; Current engine 1964 C 1600cc, 120 hp ; Later model trans and ...

Chuck Schank

Member since 04/14

For Sale 356 Cars $175,000 Palatine, IL Jun 09, 2021
Porche photo 2

1965 356 porsche c cabriolet

Silver body with red upholstery and black top. Body restoration by Joe George and interior by Autos International. Mechanics by Dick Aubele.

Steve R. Tietz

Member since 04/14

For Sale 356 Cars $$150,000.00 Palm Desert, CA Aug 15, 2021
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Wanted: 356A Coupe

Restarting my search for a 356A coupe, or a pre-A coupe. Prefer originality and an original factory color, but also open to honest period correct modifications. T2 US bumper and/or sunroof might ...

Scott Parkhill

Member since 11/20

Wanted 356 Cars $Market Reno, NV, USA Nov 28, 2020