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overrider bars…trade ???

I have two right side rear overrider bars, in nice 'driver' condition. I would be happy to trade one, for a left side rear bar. Also, I am looking for a fair to decent condition front low overrider...

Greg Stout Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories Monterey Bay area of California Jun 06, 2016
Porsche 356a 1600 convertible d by drauz 17

WTB: '59 356 Convertible D Original Rear View Mirror w/ Mounting Bracket

Looking for the following parts for a '59 365 Convertible D: - Interior rear view mirror (also used in 356A coupes; measures about 175mm across) - Steel mounting bracket for rear view mirror (Con...

Mark Burkit Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Allentown, PA Feb 13, 2019
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Low Over Rider wanted

My hopes answered by a great member....Got a used bar, as requested....THANKS RJ !!!!!!!!!! You are a class act.......I am still hoping SOMEONE, out there, has a not so great condition front Low O...

Greg Stout Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Monterey/San Francisco Bay area Jan 31, 2019
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Wanted NOS or very good camshaft for 356 super (.102 or .105). Can swap for parts.

Who can help me with a NOS or very good unground camshaft for my 1600 super (616/12) with standard cam duration? It's the type with .102 or .105, but not with #15 stamped at the end. If you like I...

Peter Smit Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Netherlands Jan 04, 2019
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T-5 or T-6 rear clip Wanted

I am looking for a inner rear frame clip for my 356 project. My car is complete but badly rusted especially from rear torsion tube back. I do not need the body panels but just unibody frame compo...

Tristen Fletcher Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ MA Feb 01, 2019
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1957 Wheels

looking for (2) 7/57 steel wheels and I have (1) 3/57 wheel to trade. I will refinish, not pitted please. Let’s make a deal.

Richard Riley Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Michigan Feb 02, 2019
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WTB Shine Up License light for 356A

Any condition-must be original

David H. Gill Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Arizona Feb 02, 2019
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Engine case or third piece

Searching for engine or third piece numbers 713698 and 812080. Have S-90, C and SC case(s) to trade.

Peter Gluklick Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Huntington Woods, MI Jan 21, 2019
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Engine Tin side-cover plates

The 54 and early 55 Pre A side cover plates are just a bit smaller than later 356's

Patrick Yanahan Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Chicago Feb 04, 2019
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356 C Engine #731974

356 C Engine #731974 for my Coupe

William Wilson Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ USA Jan 07, 2019