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Wanted - Twin Grill Decklid

Searching for an OLD B or C twin grill decklid. Not for resto - just for garage wall. The more original, rust, paint, scrapes, dents and bruises the better! Can pick-up in SoCal or will pay shipp...

Marco Vartanian

Member since 04/15

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $Any Southern California Oct 09, 2020
Solex 40 picb cover 01

Wanted - Solex 40 PBIC Top Cover

Need one cover

Morgan Falkengren

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $$ JP Oct 11, 2020



Michael Banchero

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $TBD SAN FRANCISCO Oct 11, 2020
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356 Pre A engine or 356A engine case or complete engine.

I am looking for a 1951 1300 engine case, a 1953 1500 Super engine case and any 356A engine case. I am looking for any condition from a bare case to complete engines.

Kristen Lily

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $tbd Norther California Oct 11, 2020
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Battery Cover for 57 A

I am looking for a cardboard battery cover for my 57 A and I was wondering if anyone has an example in VGC? Send me photos and a price if you have one. thanks!

Ronald Sieber

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $TBD North Carolina Oct 11, 2020
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Chrome trim for ‘59A windshield washer

Looking for the chrome ring on a windshield washer jet for a 1959 A. My chrome guy lost it. The repops are a little bigger and don’t look right. If you have one you can part with I would appreciate...

Ron Guest

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $TBD Sonoma, CA Oct 12, 2020
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Working 356 A wiper motor

Looking for a working 356 A wiper motor.

Victor Van Phan

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $TBD Texas Oct 13, 2020
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WTB Solex 40 PII

WTB: one Solex 40 PII, complete carb or incomplete, working or non-working, but It must include an OEM float, which I consider to be a float that has a convex (slightly bowed) forward face as seen ...

James Franzen

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $$TBD Batavia IL Oct 14, 2020
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WTB 2 piece case valves

WTB 8mm stem intake and exhaust valves for 2 piece case cylinder heads

Dave Merz

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $TBD Penngrove.CA Oct 14, 2020
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In search of torque bar

I need this left hand end of torque bar for 1960 coupe transmission

Susan Davenport

Member since 05/18

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $1 Denver co Oct 14, 2020