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S l225

56 owners manual

The manual is for a static display, condition is not important and hopefully the price will reflect that.

Victor Ingram

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $0 New Jersey Sep 15, 2020
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63 B. gas tank needed. (714-369 7290).

63 B gas tank needed. (714-369 7290).

Larry Malone

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $$ Huntington Beach ca Sep 15, 2020
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Wanted Sebring/Carrera Exhaust, similar to picture, for type IV VW engine installed in my 53 356 outlaw

Gary A Melancon

Member since 07/18

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $??? 95946 Sep 16, 2020
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5 Gauge 912 WANTED

In search of well restored 5 gauge 912. Please no projects or poorly restored cars. Location not important. Lets see whats available. Serious buyer.

Eric Benner

Member since 10/16

Wanted All Other Porsche Cars/Parts/Lit & Memorabilia $TBD SoCal Sep 16, 2020
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Technomagnesio wheels wanted

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has a used set of Technomagnesio wheels they would like to part with. If so, I would love to give them a new home on my '58 Speedster. I'd be interested in eithe...

Greg Scallon

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $??? Northern California Sep 17, 2020
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heater control mechanism

for Porsche 356 A

Peter Hofmann

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $you name it Germany Sep 17, 2020
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356a t1 ignition switch C-profile

Hi, looking for a C-profile key ignition switch dated 1956. preferably with key code C118. This is with starter function. looking forward to hear from you.

Edwin Tiben

Member since 12/18

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $tbd netherlands Sep 18, 2020
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Weber IDA to 356 manifold

Hi folks, I was wondering would anyone have any Weber IDA to 356 manifolds That would be for sale? Also 48 IDAs or even 46 IDAs in any condition? Thanks, Matthew.

matthew pitt

Member since 05/18

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $TBA Seattle Sep 19, 2020
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WANTED 356 seat belts

My 59 could use some seat belts if someone has an extra pair they aren’t using. $$$

John Lindstrom

Member since 10/16

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $1,000,000 Norcal Sep 20, 2020
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356c Rear seat belt escutcheon

Hi, I’m searching for 1 x Rear seat belt escutcheon. Happy to buy a set if not wanting to split. Thanks

Rob Underwood

Member since 09/20

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $??? England Sep 21, 2020