Alternative Hot Oil Temperature Sensor - $55

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Unsure if your temp gauge and sending unit are working properly or both units are just too old and unreliable? Instead of sending them off and spending hundreds of dollars getting it fixed, here’s a more reasonable alternative. the VW guys have been using these units for decades. It’s very simple, and a typical installation time is about five minutes. Please text/call me at 904-434-5510 for any questions. US shipping $5.00 up to two kits PayPal add 4% to the total price. So, what is it, and how does it work? By simply replacing your original dipstick with the Alternative Hot Oil Sensor, then attaching a 20" wire (included with the kit) to the oil pressure switch, you immediately begin to monitor your engine's oil temperature. Now, you finally know when your engine is running too hot! From this point forward the light at the right side your combo gauge serves two functions. While continuing to monitor your oil pressure it now provides the data from your Alternative Hot Oil Sensor as well. Now, when your engine oil reaches 225 degrees F the light will begin to flicker, indicating that you are approaching an unsafe operating temperature. Simply reduce your speed and the light will typically stop flickering, indicating your oil temperature has fallen to a safe operating temperature once again. If your oil temperature continues to rise to 235 degrees F the light will remain on, solid. This is the temperature at which we recommend pulling over at the first safe opportunity in order to investigate the issue.

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Posted 2:47PM, Sep 29, 2020

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