Tag "55" PCA Monaco Watch, New - $1,200

For Sale by Spencer Scott Fellman - Posted in 356 Lit/Memorabilia

First to be clear , this is a reproduction. I also collect watches and my watch repair guy knows I play with vintage Porsches so when this came in with a big collection he bought he set it aside for me. I already own a Gulf Monaco but sort of felt I had to take it because he was so pleased to offer it to me. It is brand new and although a "fake" he says it is one of the best he has ever seen and has a genuine Japanese self winding movement. It is NOT a cheap Chinese knock off, it is a really high quality Japanese knock off. I can't believe any one would gp to the trouble to create so many dedicated parts but evidently they did. Originals go for north of $10K. It has been in my safe for a few years and i am just clearing out all my tricky Porsche parts. I scoured the web and could not find a copy like this for sale anywhere. I thought I would offer it to the Registry guys first and if no interest I guess I will put it on the usual suspects site. It is brand new still in the original sleeve and keeps perfect time. Even has the trick red stitching on the band. Just a decent automatic of this quality would not be cheap. https://www.motoringexposure.com/tag-heuer-monaco-55-pc/

Location: Sarasota

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Posted 1:53AM, Aug 09, 2020

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