Solex 32PBIC Carbs, Restored - $$1495

For Sale by Jim Kaufmann - Posted in 356 Parts/Accessories

Carbs in photo sold, have another pair of Solex 32PBIC’s as used on 356As, ‘55-‘57 (616/1). Has received a complete 356 Carb Rescue restoration (detailed cleaning, flattening of mating surfaces, throttle shaft bore re-bushed, throat bored, new throttle shaft and butterflies, new pump cam, new fuel jets, all hardware inspected and plated with white cad, re-assembled with new kit parts, injection and float levels set), including 2 scarce NOS idle volume control screws. $1495 outright, plus shipping. Cores welcome, final price depends on condition of cores.

Location: Sedona, AZ

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Posted 8:58PM, Mar 23, 2020

Expires 11:54PM, Aug 04, 2021