Reproduction of Drauz Roadster Maintenance Manual - $65/75

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In the course of my search for the Roadster convertible top manuals, I came across another manual. This one was published by Drauz. It is undated, but I believe that it was first issued in late 59 when the first Roadsters were manufactured. The manual is in English and 16 pages in length. It contains all sorts of helpful and recommended tips for the maintenance of the car’s interior and exterior (top and body) as well as a guarantee “for faultless material and workmanship of the body.” I have been told that the manual was also issued in German, which makes sense as it lists the names and addresses of Porsche agencies in Germany authorized to do major repair work (any work over 20 Deutche Marks!) and places in Germany from which to order spare parts. I have discovered through my research that this manual is as rare as hen’s teeth. My computer artist and printer did an excellent job reproducing this very rare manual. Getting the cover right was a real challenge. We used a single-coated heavy stock just like the original and matched the tone and weight of the inside pages. After the manuals were printed and collated, but not stapled, I inserted each of the staples individually by hand making holes with a needle in order to place them in the same location as the staples found on the original. I am very pleased with the result. This by far the best reproduction of this rare manual. If you would like to purchase a copy, please let me know. Copies are limited. The cost is $65, which includes shipping and tracking inside the USA. For shipping to Europe, the total cost is $75. I can be reached directly at Thanks.

Location: Atherton, CA

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Posted 5:11PM, Feb 25, 2017

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