6V new design SMD/LED Brake,TS,Parking lamp bulbs,full set of six- Amazing-Wow Too Cool For School - $100

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These are the very latest cutting edge technology. I went to an international auto parts expo a few months ago and the biggest buzz was the new Cree chip SMD/LED lights. They are simply beyond belief, real science fiction stuff. Of course they were all in 12V. When I asked about having some custom made in 6V and mentioned the quantities I was looking for and the application, the laughter was immediate. I don't take no for an answer easily and finally found a supplier willing to make these for me in 6V and now have stock in hand. These are unlike any LED light you have seen before. These produce 450 lumens while drawing .10 amps !!!. They produce this dazzling brilliance while producing NO HEAT! They remain cool to the touch even after hours of continuous operation. Estimated useful life is 24,000 hours. They simply replace your stock bulbs, that is the sum total of the installation. No more being a second class lighting citizen. I have seen iffy home brew bulbs for $25 a pop, even $50. I am selling a full set of 6 bulbs for only $100 for a limited time, check my other listings for the instrument and parking light bulbs Jeffrey Fellman.

Location: Sarasota

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Posted 12:00AM, Mar 23, 2014

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