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1958 T2 Speedster

Belongs to Fred Lawrence

Chassis: 84037

My Dad and Mike Robbins found this car on a "Buy Here Pay Here" lot on the east side of Indianapolis in 1963. The lot owner didn't know anything about it and didn't want it. Long story short, Dad paid $200 for it. He drove it regularly to work and even had a gas heater (long gone) installed so he could drive it in winter. Dad gave the car to me in 1974; I drove it some but It had enough problems that I wasn't really interested in it, so it generally sat in the parents' garage until my Mom passed away in 2003. At that time I had to move it, so it went directly to Stoddard's for a full restoration. Over three years later, I drove it home, with a short stopover at PCA's Porsches 2 Oxford in 2006. (It didn't even get home before the first event of its new life.) Back to Oxford in 2007; it won Best of Show over about 250 Porsches of all ages and varieties. After transit plans fell through, I drove it from Indianapolis to Lancaster, PA for ECH 2008. It's a fun car to drive, but I likely won't attempt a drive of that distance again. Revised transit plans got it shipped home after the event. For ECH 2009, in south central Indiana, I drove it both ways, as it was only about 2.5 hours from home Since the car was back at Stoddard to repair the results of a brain fart on my part, they delivered it to the 2010 ECH host hotel and parked it in the lobby. Again. after the event I shipped it home. I took it on the Central Indiana Region PCA winery tour in early October 2010. This is always a fun event running down some twisty roads to a winery near Louisville. The owner of a 1976 912E commented to me that he generally had the oldest car at these events, but said "You blew me out of the water." Again, an absolute blast to drive and I intend to enjoy doing so until I just can't physically get into it.