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1964 C Coupe

Belongs to David Jones

Chassis: 216833

Sky blue "C" bought for $5K from a friend in Dayton. No engine, big holes in floor, broken transmission (rebuilt by Eric Wills) loads of rust around perimeter of chassis including no metal under rear torsion bar covers and no bumper mounts. This car had superb door and trunk/engine lid gaps and very little rust in the exterior body. It took a long time to resurrect working on it between other projects. The engine is a mongrel with a full flow oil filter but it seems to have the bite of a big bore though I have never torn it down having bought it as a running engine for $1800 from a 356er in Mi with Zenith carbs which I swapped out for Solex PII40's after finding on the dyno that it made more HP with them. It is purely a fun car that is still somewhat cosmetically challenged but mechanically very good and has great handling on 185/15 Kumhos and surprisingly light and precise steering. this is the car I drive if the temperature is above freezing and just not suitable for the two "A"'s.