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1961 T5 Coupe

Belongs to Eric Cherneff

Chassis: 114030

I found this car locally in January 2009, and spent the next year and a half going through every mechanical system and ensuring it was returned to original or better than original condition. Except for the engine machine work and transmission rebuild, I did all the work myself. The body was very good, with virtually no rust (near-perfect original battery floor and floor pans!), so required only a clean-up. It has been repainted (looks like once only), and the paint is fine for a driver level car. The interior was not so nice and had been redone in the past, so I replaced almost everything (only the rear seats are original, everything else is new or restored). The car has an extensive list of options from the factory, so was probably a special order car. In addition to the sunroof, it originally had a high-end Becker Mexico radio (missing when I acquired the car), and many other comfort and appearance options. Even the paint (signal red) was special order for 1961. Although the original engine is missing (a 1600N), in its place was a Super 90, so I wasn't too disappointed! Upon disassembly, I found it was a real mismatch of parts - late S90 crank and heads, very early S90 case, manifolds and carbs, 2 different types of connecting rods, original early magnesium rocker carriers (uncracked!), and lots of dirt and wear. I rebuilt it with LN "Nickies" as an 1883cc engine, an updated most of the internals (NOS 912 heads, Carillo rods, Elgin cam, etc.) preserving the original appearance wherever possible. The car drives great now, with a solid, rattle-free ride, and the 1883 provides lots of pull and very good drivability.