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1956 A Carreras/GT

Belongs to Chuck House

Chassis: 55772

The DuPont Carrera - A true barn find. Jacques DuPont was from a distinguished Delaware family tracing their roots back to the DuPont Company’s industrial empire in the 1800s. Jacque’s father, E. Paul DuPont, founded the DuPont Motor Company in 1919 which built luxury automobiles in the 20s and which later merged with the Indian Motorcycle Company. As one might surmise, young Jacques had cars, motorcycles and racing in his blood and after returning from his stint in WWII in the 101st Airborne, he started racing motorcycles. He worked his way to become an AMA professional racer in the 1950s and competed for a number of years in the famed Isle of Man TT. Jacques settled down and married, opened his import car dealership in Delaware and eventually found his way to the New York Auto Show in 1956 and spotted an intriguing new model in Porsche’s lineup - the Carrera 1500GS and bought it. Jacques used his Carrera for occasional hill climbs and club racing events for approximately 5 years until around 1961. During that time, Jacques had logged exactly 16,771 miles on the car and had never bothered to register it since he owned a dealership and just drove it on dealer plates. In 1961, the Carrera was unceremoniously driven into the duPont barn where it sat relatively undisturbed for 43 years. I bought the car in Dec 2004, flew out to the Maryland/Delaware border and the Carrera finally rolled back out of the barn and into the sunshine, still with 16,771 miles on the odometer. It was more weathered due to time and suffering from a few barn dents, but it still had a hidden freshness lurking underneath all that dirt and dust. The current condition of the car is actually quite remarkable. There is virtually no body rot anywhere, even in the battery compartment. The car was obviously never driven on salty roads. With a light lubrication of the hinges, the doors open and close like new with that familiar tight sound. However on the down side, the car was stored in a drafty barn and for a number of years was covered with a plastic tarp which trapped moisture near the paint surface and therefore the edges of the paint and a few areas have succumbed to surface rust. The silver metallics at the time were not known for their durability and it may have faired better if were a standard solid color. The 4-cam engine is not seized, however on advice of 4-cam guru Billy Doyle, I won’t start it and instead will tear it down to make sure everything is OK first. As for the rest of the car, my inclination for now is to just get the car road worthy and not try to restore it. Even though the paint, chrome and rubber are tired, it is an absolute time warp of a car and I want to enjoy its originality. Nothing on this car has been messed with, all the way down to the tires and key fob. Yes, those are the original factory installed 5.90x15 German Dunlops as fitted on early Carreras. Due to their age, they aren’t safe to hardly pull the car out of the driveway on, however it won’t be going anywhere until the engine is sorted out so I’m leaving them on. Besides, the car has only just been registered for the very first time. There is still time to buy its first set of replacement tires.