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1961 T5 Coupe

Belongs to John Ballington

Chassis: 115010

Bought by me in 2007, this original 1961 UK RHD car has had just 4 owners, the first was Frank Wells, the son of H.G.Wells the famous author of "War of the Worlds". Much progressive restoration work has produced an excellent original numbers car, which is a delight to drive. Andy Prill of Classic Le Mans and Carrera Pan America fame has rebulit the engine / trans, and fitted front disc brakes. A power upgrade to Super / SC level included Shastsa Pistons and a new cam profile. Finished in original Slate Grey, with red leather interior, we have attended 2 356 Internationals, in Denmark [2008] and Leipzig [2010]. Great fun to drive as a car which generates much interest from other motorists and pedestrians!