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Porsche 356 Registry Trustee Zoom Meeting, 10 May 2021
Porsche 356 Registry Trustee Zoom Meeting
Porsche 356 Registry Trustee Meeting Minutes, 14 March 2021
Porsche 356 Registry Trustee Meeting, 2/07/2021, Zoom


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Research & Identification

Porsche 904 Factory Owner's Manual
Porsche 904 Factory Service and Technical Bulletins - English Versions
Sun Roof Data Base
hardtop sunroof manual Golde
oil pump spacer industrial engine
How to search in the VIN DB
Blaupunkt Koln Radio V Series (64/65)
Plain bearing Carrera dry sump oil tank by Bill Sargent
356A Carrera Oil System by Bill Sargent
356A Carrera Oil Cooler, Brackets, Ducting and Mount Block Brackets by Bill Sargent
356 A B & C gas heaters by Bill Sargent
Hubert Kinzler Remembered
Porsche Factory Service Bulletins
Fan Shroud Colors: Factory Photos
Messko Tire Gauge Pouches
Identifying Blaupunkt Radios by Series Designation
Links to Other Websites for Research & Identification
356A Driver's Manuals, "Vintage" and Reprints
Identifying Porsche 356 Heads
Identifying a Solex Split Shaft Carburetor
Colors for Dash Knobs, Steering Columns & Wheels
Factory Fresh Air Blower
Wood Steering Wheels: Custom
Wood Steering Wheels: Stock and Aftermarket
Plugs for Euro Rear Reflector Holes
Script Locations
The Money of Color: Reflections on How 356 Colors Can Affect Your Pocketbook
The Super 90 Camber Compensator: Yea or Nay?
Wheel Weights and Types
356 Tires, Types, Sizes
Spotter's Guide to the 356 Models
Headlight Assemblies — "Sealed Beam" & "Euro"
History of the 356
356B T6 Driver's Manual Identification, Real & Repro
Horn Button Identification
The Acronym Game: NOS, OEM, NIB
The 356 "Hardtop"
356 Shock Absorber Types
How to Identify an S-90
Garnish Rail and Dash Pad Colors
Glove Box Door Items
Original Key Fobs
Vintage License Plates
Radio Plates – Real or Repro?
Mysterious Rain Shield Markings
The Short-Lived "Continental" and "European" Scripts
Oil Filter Cannister Types and Decals
Fan Shroud Colors
Fog Light Switch Location
Front Turn Signal Types
The "Modell" Plaque and 356 Model Years
Seat Back Hinge Types
Market Prices for 356s
Manufacturing Date Codes on Porsche 356 Parts
Transmission Identification
Engine Number Stamp Identification
German/English Translations: 356 General
Kardex Translations: German/English
Porsche Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and Kardex
356 Models by Year
356 Production Numbers by Year
Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist
Engine and Trans Number Locations
Chassis Number Locations

Safety & Driving

Seat Belts in your 356
Starting an Engine after Extended Storage
Proper Engine Warmup Procedures
Travel Kit List
Tires With Tubes – Original Yes, Needed? No
Safe Jacking of Your 356
Classic Car Insurance: Actual Cash Value, Stated Value, Agreed Value
Installing a Dual Master Cylinder Using Original Reservoir in a 356C
Tire Pressures for the 356
3-Point "Y"-Shaped Seatbelt Installation in a Speedster
Making the 356 Safer: LED Taillights
Roll Bars in Street Cars
Making the 356 Safer
Tire Safety & Date Codes

Troubleshooting & Repair

Ignition Troubleshooting on the Road
Carrera Oil Lines
How To Crate a 356 Motor
Optimizing the Throttle Linkage
Debunking the Myth of the Sport Muffler
Throwout Bearing Swap for Easier Clutch Action
Rebuilding Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetors
Reconditioning Flywheels, and a Slight Circumcision
Installing a Dual Master Cylinder Using Original Reservoir in a 356C
Fan Blade Failure, and a Fix
Why Should I Care About Compression Ratio?
356 C Shift Linkage Refurbishment
Changing the Oil
Valve Adjustment
Ignition Tuning Procedure
Tuning Zenith 32mm NDIX Carburetors
Tuning Solex 40PII-4 Carburetors
Weber 40s and The Magic Combination of Jets & Tubes
Fabricating Weber Fuel Lines
Full-Flow Oil Filtration and the 356 Lubrication System
Full-Flow Oil Filter Installation in T2 and Later Engines
Stock Oil Filtration Effectiveness
Solving Sump Plate Oil Leaks
Oil Temperatures: How Hot is too Hot?
Testing Your Oil Temperature Gauge
Oil Filters for a 356
Oil Cooler Cleaning Recommendations
Modern Oils and the Air-Cooled Engine
Exhaust Comparison Test With Dyno Data
Muffler Performance Comparison
New Engine Break-in Procedures
How to Find a Bad Engine Cylinder
Cadmium Plating Tips
Spark Plug Recommendations
Twin Plug Ignition in the 356 Engine
Calculating Compression Ratios
Big Bore Pistons: Torque vs. Horsepower
Replacing Zenith Carb Top Cover Gasket
Zenith Carburetor Bases: Making Them Flat!
Making Your Own Fuel Lines
Solex Split Shaft Carburetor Conversion: Full Size Photos
Solex Split Shaft Carburetor Conversion
Low Cost Fuel Priming Solution: the Squeeze Bulb
Installing An Electric Fuel Pump in a T6 Car
Installing An Electric Fuel Pump in a Pre-1962 Car
Fuel Pump Diaphragm Tool
Problem Using a Pulse Type Electric Fuel Pump
Gas Tank Flush and Clean
Ethanol and Gas — Comments and Controversy
Leaded Gas, Additives, and Octane Numbers — What Does Your 356 Need?
No Need to Use Avgas or Race Gas in Your 356
Fuel Valve / Fuel Cock FAQ
Gas Smell Troubleshooting
Hand Throttle FAQ
A Systematic Approach to Full Throttle
Velocity Stacks — For Looks, For Power, or Both?
Developing the Flow in Zenith Carburetors
Transmission Oil
Porsche 356 Transaxle Upgrades
Clutch Alignment
Gearing Graphs
Tool Number One: Garage Lifts
Garage Lifts
Building & Using 356 Support Boxes
Porsche 356 Bolt & Nut Sizes and Torque Values
Custom Tools for Your 356
Interchangeable Parts - VW to Porsche
More Secure Headrest Installation Method
Seat Recliner Disassembly
Dash Knob Refinishing
Colors for Dash Knobs, Steering Columns & Wheels
Electric Clock Adjusting Screw
Speaker Sources for T6 Cars
Switching Seats Between Models
Reassembling a Recliner Back
Adapting a Modern Bike Rack to a 356
Replacing White Rubber Strips On A Leitz Luggage Rack
How to Install a Coupe Windshield
Roadster Windshield Installation
Convertible D / Roadster Windshield Installation
Golde Sunroof Installation Manual
Door Striker Plate Removal
Paint Formulas for a 356
Hood Seal Installation
No-Weld Door Bottom Repair
Restoring a 356 After a Major Collision Requires a Celette Jig, Not a Frame Machine
Fitting Tenax Fasteners to Oversized Holes
Why a Paint Booth is Important
Heater Tube Repair & Tips
Rustproofing the Longitudinals
Blasting Media
Tunnel Cable Routing
Restoring Original 356 Floors
Rust Prevention: Myths & Reality
Rust Removal and Rust Prevention
Window Regulator Pivot Pin Replacement
Removal, Repair and Reinstallation of the 356C Window Regulator
Trailing Arm Adjustment without VW Tool
Differential Side Shim Thickness Determination from Initial Backlash Measurement
Custom Dolly for Moving Your 356 Without a Rear End
Axel Boot Installation
Replacing Rear Axle Bearing on 356 Disc Brake Cars
Axle and Flywheel Nut Removal and Reinstallation
The Optional Extended Steering Column
Rebuilding a ZF Steering Box
Steering Couplers - Vendors & Comments
Steering Couplers
Silver Wheel Paint Choices
Hubcap Clip Installation
C Disc Brake Caliper Overhaul
How to Free Stuck Brake Calipers
Disc Brake Piston Removal - The Easy Way
Drum Brake Squeak
Reducing Brake Squeal
A Simple & Easy Way To Change Brake Fluid
Brake Fluid: DOT 3/4 or DOT 5 (Silicone)?
Making Your Own 6V LED Instrument Lights
Auxiliary Audio Input Jack for Older Radios
Engine Running Stand Wiring Diagram
HLr Relay Kit Installation Tips
Soldering Bullet Connectors
Point Wear and Timing
Removing T2 Wiper Assembly
Securing a 6V Optima Battery in T2 & T5 Cars
Hold Down for Optima Battery 6V
Tie Down for an Optima Battery
Electrical Terminal Designations
Changing Spark Plugs
How to Test 6V Hella Blinker
Debugging the Fuel Gauge
Electronic Ignition
Taillight 12-volt Halogen Conversion
Headlight Alignment and Adjustment
Headlight Bulb Types
Headlight and Parking Light Types
Safely Jumping a 6 Volt Battery with a 12 Volt
Using an 8V Battery in a 6V Car — Why Not To Do It
Bosch Black Coil vs. Blue Coil
Electric Tach Reads Low at Night: Why?
How the VDO Ammeter Works
Voltage Regulator Adjustment
Generator Removal
Starter Removal: in Detail
Starter Removal
356 and VW Starters: Additional Photos
356 and VW Starter Photos
Starter Size Difference, 356 vs. VW
Starter, Trouble Shooting Problems
Slow Start When Hot: R&R of Starter Bushing
Understanding and Troubleshooting Generators and Regulators
6 to 12 Volt Conversion: Using the 6v Starter in a 12v Conversion?
6 to 12 Volt Conversion: Converting To a Late 912 or VW Large Diameter Generator
6 to 12 Volt Conversion Index: Help on the 6v-12v Conversion
Optimal Electrical Performance: System Cleaning & Maintenance
Differential Side Shim Thickness Determination from Initial Backlash Measurement
Axle and Flywheel Nut Removal and Reinstallation
Axel Boot Installation
Making a 12 Volt Charger Outlet on Your Dash

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Trustee Meeting Minutes

Porsche 356 Registry Trustee Zoom Meeting, 10 May 2021
Porsche 356 Registry Trustee Zoom Meeting
Porsche 356 Registry Trustee Meeting Minutes, 14 March 2021
Porsche 356 Registry Trustee Meeting, 2/07/2021, Zoom
Porsche 356 Registry Trustee Meeting, 1/17/2021, Zoom
Porsche 356 Registry Trustee Meeting, 3 January 2021
K & K Insurance Discussion
Trustee Actions Taken Since February 2020 to October 2020
Trustee Meeting, 24 July 2020, Go to Meeting
Trustee Meeting, 10 July 2020, Go to Meeting
Spring 2020 356 Registry Trustee Meeting
Trustee Meeting October 2019 and Actions since Spring 2019
Trustee Minutes February 2019
Trustee Meeting Ocean City NJ 2018
Trustee Meeting March 2017
Membership Meeting 2017
Trustee Meeting, April 2016
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March 2014 Trustees Meeting
356 Registry Trustee Meeting, October 2013
356 Registry Membership Meeting, March 2013
356 RegistryTrustee Meeting January 2013
356 Registry Trustee Meeting, September 2012
356 Registry Membership Meeting, September 2012
Trustee Meeting, January 2012
October 21, 2018 Ocean City NJ Trustee Meeting
24 February 2019 Trustee Meeting, Lakeland FL

Financial Statements

Porsche 356 Registry, Inc Financial Statement, 31 August 2020
Porsche 356 Registry Trustee and Officer Expense Reimbursement Policy
Porsche 356 Registry Financial Statement 8-31-19
Porsche 356 Registry Financial statements 8-31-17 and 8-31-18