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Trustee Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2018 Ocean City NJ Trustee Meeting

October 23, 2019 | Trustee Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2019 | News

1. Meeting was called to order at 7:40 am by President Curt Dansby.

Those present were Vice President Jim Johnston, Trustees Felix Macaluso, Bob Garretson, Frank Hood, Gerald McCormick, Deb Cooper and Secretary Jeannie Macaluso.

2. The minutes of March 1, 2018 were approved with no corrections or additions.

Item 12 of the March to October 2018 Actions giving the President or Vice President the authority to approve expenditures up to $300.00 was reviewed.It was decided that a vote by the board was not needed.Deb motioned that notifying the board for expenditures of $300.00 or less by President or Vice President would be adequate. Jim seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

3.There were no corrections or additions to Actions from March to September 2018.

4. Magazine Editor / Publisher Jim Johnston

The method of selecting the magazine publisher was discussed including the new Publishers contract and future visions.Peter Bodensteiner, the new Publisher/Editor joined the meeting and was introduced.

Raising the cost of advertising in the magazine was discussed.It was decided to not raise prices or make changes at this time to give Peter time to adjust to his new position.

5. Mary Skamser's future with the club

Mary will continue as Membership Chairperson.With the present Secretary, Jeannie Macaluso retiring at the end of the year, Mary has said that she would consider the Corporate Secretary position.

6. Club Archivist Gordon Maltby

Gordon has retired as Publisher of the magazine but would like to retain an official position with the club as a "Club Archivist".He wants no compensation or coverage of expenses and is willing to help where he can.He can provide material to the next publisher.Deb made amotion to have Gordon as the Club Archivist.Jim seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Each member of the board, past and present, has accumulated material that should be stored in a safe area.Deb will work with Gordon to contact prior Trustees/Officers to determine the extent of hard copy or electronic information that they may have to determine storage needs for the Registry archives.She will report her findings to the board.

7. VIN Database Curt

Curt detailed a problem with the club's VIN data base which was brought to lite by a member who said he saw false information.The data base has a shortcoming of being able to be over-written by a member, thus losing previous information.

What our VIN database moderator would like is a continuous displayed record of all changes rather than just the latest entry.A quote was given by our IT technician to update the entry process.Curt will coordinate the efforts of the moderator and IT technician in this area.Jim will put together a draft policy statement regarding the Registry's position on re-stamping.

8. Insurance Deb

Deb said the club has 5 insurance policies; Publisher, Cyber, Events, D & O, and a Dishonesty bond policy.She explained the Dishonesty bond policy basically covers embezzling money from the club. The policy covers anyone handling money authorized by the Trustees.

Deb will make sure all club policies are up-to-date.

9. Holidays/Events Frank

International Holiday

Frank reported on the International Event in the UK.He believes sending a representative is beneficial.The event is in Switzerland next year.He thought it would be beneficial to have the spouse attend the event for the social aspect of it.The discussion was tabled for new business.

Registry Reunion Jeannie and Felix

The Reunion was a big success.Being completely funded by sponsors contributions made deposits not required.A problem occurredwhen people who made reservations did not attend.The event still had to pay for those uneaten meals along with souvenirs ordered for them.The conclusion was that another "free" event will have to require a returnable deposit. If someone doesn't show, the deposit will be kept to help cover the costs.

Felix suggested, if another event occurs, a different menu be arranged such as burgers and hot dogs, corn on the cob and salad.

Felix said it is important to ask for copies of the contract and any city requirements and permits.

It was a fun event thanks to the many sponsors that Jim Liberty obtained and the people that worked all or part of the day.

2018 East Coast Holiday Ocean City, New Jersey

The on-line registration was a success.Deb suggested having a line on the registration form for trailer license plate numbers for tracking purpose.The event was well organized and everyone had a great time.

2019 West Coast Holiday Flagstaff, AZ Gerald

A bank account has been set up for the Holiday, the hotel contract has been signed and organizing meetings have started. Felix will give Gerald a list of sponsors used for the Reunion.

Having another event in Cedar Rapids was discussed.It was decided to wait at least 5 years before returning to the same event area.

2020 West Coast Holiday Bend Oregon Fred (reported by Curt)

The Bend Holiday has been confirmed.

10. Financial Report Fred (by phone)

Fred went over the financial report saying the club is healthy and doing well.

Since the Registry is backing events, it was decided to discontinue the contingency fund.Wells Fargo bank pays 2% on 2 CD's and he would move them if a higher interest was found.

In January 2018 there was a change in the system of handling advertising money.A new account was set up for money to go directly into the Registry account.

Fred went over the 2018 budget that he and Felix projected for the year recapping the income and expenses.

With the retirement of Gordon, Mary will be handling all the advertising checks coming in.She will start this position November 1, 2018.

11. 2018 E-Election

The "no paper" policy for voting is working well and will not change at this time.Paper ballots con still be requested for members that do not want to vote electronically.

There are three candidates running for Trustee:

Patrick Yanahan

Garrick Huey

Curt Dansby

Jim suggested having a nomination committee.It was tabled until the next Trustee meeting.

12. Membership Update Curt

At this time, there are about 6800 members.It varies as members drop, renew and new ones join.

13. Website Curt and Deb

Curt and Deb will determine the best fix for Form B or see if a "work around" is needed.

Politics is being put on the Forum.This is not allowed and a 6 month restriction of use will be applied if it continues. The Forum is to be used for car related information not politics.An announcement stating this will be put on the Forum and E-Mail.

Curt would like to find a replacement for his position on the Website. Ed Lawrence is interested but cannot take over at this time.Curt is hoping to be replaced by the end of the year.

Deb will look into having 356 Registry information put into the PCA magazine and for PCA to promote Registry events.

14.YMAC Frank

There were no new events to report.

15. 2019 Award Nominations

There were no nominations for the Spark Plug or Hall of Fame award.

16. New Business

Deb suggested having a detailed job description drafted by all Trustees and officers.This would include every step of putting on an event, what each Trustees job requires, where information is stored and how to get it and details of any task done.This would be kept in a storage area to be referred to as needed.Curt will discuss with Larry Brewer about setting up a secure location on the Cloud for information storage.

Deb brought up the fact that there is no back-up plan for the club officials in case of a catastrophic event.It was suggested that prior Trustees act as interim Trustee if required.An amendment to the by-laws would be needed to do this.Any change in the by-laws needs to be voted on by the members so a statement will be added to the ballets in November.Deb made a motion to have Jim draft a statement to have a back-up policy in case of a catastrophic event and to take whatever steps necessary.Bob seconded the motion and it passes unanimously.

Frank made a motion to re-visit the Registry not paying air fare and entry fee for the spouse to attend the International Holiday. After a discussion, it was decided that it was beneficial for the spouse attend.Frank made a motion to reinstate the Registry paying the registration and entry fee for the spouse of the designated Trustee to attend the International Holiday.Gerald seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

The drawing for the Trustee to attend the International Holiday will only include names of those who have not been chosen attended the event. A past attendee's name will be withheld for 5 years.The drawing for the next event will be done at the next meeting.It was decided that a new, inexperienced Trustee not be chosen.

Curt talked to Paul Gregor from the Porsche Factory.Paul mentioned that it would be good to have a representative from the club visit Stuttgart.Adding it to the International Holiday trip was discussed but tabled for the next meeting.

With Fred's retirement as Treasurer, an e-mail will be sent out asking for a replacement.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM.

Jeannie Macaluso