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German/English Translations: 356 General

July 13, 2010 | Research & Identification

By Edgar Bechtle, Martin Boecker, Dave Metz, Bill Simmeth, Wil Mittelbach, Wulf Moennich

Auf open (as used on fuel petcock)
Achslast hinten axle load rear
Achslast vorn axle load front
Baujhar build year, or year of manufacture
Bereifung the tire set (or type and size of tires) on a vehicle
Boucle type of yarn for square weave carpet
Fahrzeugpreis car price (similar to MSRP)
Farbe paint color
Fahrgestell Nr chassis number (VIN)
Ganzlederpolsterung full leather upholstery
gegen Mehrpreis extra cost (Mehrpreis is sometimes abbreviated: "Mehrpr.")
Gepaeckbruecke luggage rack
Gesamtgewicht gross vehicle weight
Innenausstattung interior fittings
Kokosmatten cocoa mats
Lautsprecher speaker
Lederriemen leather strap(s), for luggage in rear, luggage rack, or spare tir
verchr Lockscheibenraeder ventilated wheels (verchr is the abbreviation for "verchromt" or chrome-plated)
Radzierkappen mit Wappen farbig hubcap with colored crests
Rechtslenkung "Rechts" (right) and "lenkung" (Steering) a right-hand drive car.
Reifen tires
Rueckstrahler wie Inlandfahrzeuge unter Stossstange rear reflectors like for domestic cars (mounted) underneath rear bumper
schiefergrau Schiefer (slate) gray
Schlummerrolle rechts Leder leather headrest (links = left, rechts = right)
schwarz black
Typ Type (model)
verlaengerte Lenksaeule extended steering column
Zul Abbreviation for "zulaessig" (allowed) maximum allowed gross weight of vehicle, like "Zul Gesamtgewicht"; abbreviation for Zulassung, or registered/licensed (per German DOT); or Zulassig (authorized)
zul.Achslast hinten kg Rear axle load in kilogram
Alternatively: Gross rear axle weight rating!
zul.Achslast vorn kg Front axle load in kilogram
Alternatively: Gross front axle weight rating!
Zu closed (as used on fuel petcock)
12V Anlage 12 Volt electrical system
70 l Tank 70-liter fuel tank

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