914's & others


04/27/2001 01:02 PM

Hi all,
Our '62 T6B lives next to our '70 914-6, next to the '67 911S, next
to the '86 944 turbo, next to the Audi S4, next to the Dodge 2500 P/U.
They all get along without bumping fenders or blowing exhaust in each
others intake. One is always ready to run if the selected one is ill.
The 914 is eager to get on the track & is calling.


04/27/2001 01:25 PM

I always thought that the 914-6 would be a great great car to have. I
remember when the 914 came out and thePorsche(piles) in brown slacks said
that it was a VW because it had a 411 engine in it. I was not until years
later that I discovered that If you wanted a dependable hi horsepower
engine the 914/bus/411 was the way to go.
John Cox
On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, Ed & Nancy Broadhead wrote:
> Hi all,