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Mike Heaps wrote:

>I am new to the list and have a question that has been asked probably a =

Dear Mike:
Well, since you asked: Having used both the "Shasta/JE" pistons and
several hundred sets of the NPR's, (and a buncha stock sets) here's the
Story so far: Ifin you guys have any more
Details, please butt in.
1. Newest Type: Near-exact copy of Painted Black RIKEN
86mm BIG BORE NPR Piston. Has on Fins. RINGS
Slot under 3rd Top 1-piece
Jury Still out Compression Ring oil control
Has steel reinforcement with expander
Has stamped-in "arrow"
Rumored that "Wayne" is involved in these
2. "USA" Type Different Design Painted Cylinders
86 mm BIG BORE Has slot under 3rd Top Ring Two Initials
Jury Still Out (Some have drilled holes too) inside diamond
First batch had many no steel reinforcement on outside
"100 mile" seizures "USA" cast inside of cylinder
oil control
piston skirt.
Has stamped-in "arrow"

3. "SHASTA/JE" Type Uses "USA" Type Cylinders Black Painted
Sealed Power
86mm Big Bore Or: you Supply & Bore & Hone 3-piece O/C
Uses Black Cylinders Cylinders. (3
rings tot)
I prefer to bore Forged Piston
Industrial Engine Only 2 Top Compression Rings, 3 rings total.
Cylinders. No offset in Wrist Pin.
Last batch of No Oil Control ring below wrist pin.
Pistons has 0.001+" No "arrow" on piston top.
variation Only 1 Exhaust Valve Cut-out.
Have run at 9.5:1 CR successfully
3. ORIGINAL NPR BIG BORE Has steel-reinforcement Not Painted. NPR RINGS
86mm P&C Kit in Piston Top. Some sets have 1-piece
Has slot under 3rd Top an "HJ" inside oil
Compression Ring. a "diamond" on
Has one-piece Outside of cylinder.
Oil Control Ring
Has RAISED "arrow"
on top of Piston.
Best if kept below 9.0:1 CR

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08/03/2001 03:30 AM

Here is what I have seen and asked to evaluate by the distributors,
these are all the aftermarket stuff, and all of the 1720 cc type.
1. Original NPR, high quality, C/R with a stock C head (if there is such a
thing) about 8.5:1 but NLA. Blue and White checkerboard box. Maybe a few
sets out there rat-holed away by the usual suspects.
2.NPR "clone" with a piston cast obviously from an original NPR piston but
of very poor quality. Porosity in the metal (old beer cans) and can be
identified by the crown being fresh from the sand cast. Cylinders
surprisingly of decent quality, obviously not from the piston maker. Weights
somehow within OE factory specs of 5gm. but still "loose" by today's
standards. I see these retail about $400-500.
3. Another NPR clone but this time a good and respectable piston, CNC crown,
weights within 3gm and excellent cylinders. Retail $750-850.
4. Shasta Design. Here is the real deal, forged pistons, great cylinders and
the last set I used had the biggest weight variance, 1.2gm. These are
designed to be 9.5:1 in a stock 356C head. They are only 30% more than
choice 3 but they will out live all the rest. Retail about $1250.
The Stable, San Francisco


04/03/2001 02:44 PM

another option is to obtain a set of cast iron cylinders if your car doesn't
already have them and punch out .030 over and install J&E forged pistons
with Deves rings. These are about as good as you can get, lightest of all
options, virtually C/R of choice. We can supply J&E's for about $875 by
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Why would you partake of aftermarket pistons and cylinders when for
$795.00 we can sell you new C mahle or Klobenschmidt piston cylinders and
rings. Give us a call we have them in stock, Zim's Autotechnik 800.356.2964
ask for Kirk, thanks al zim