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Porsche 356 Registry Holiday Planner

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Contents: Introduction Holiday Proposal Picking the Site

Negotiating with the Hotel Insurance

Setting the Schedule Budgets

Budget Shortfall Registration Tours "Sessions"

The Concours

The Awards Banquet The Swap Meet

Encouraging New Members Photography


So you're thinking of hosting a Registry Holiday. It can be a fun and rewarding experience but does take a lot of work to pull off. Read through the following pages and you'll get an idea how to go about it, including getting tips from many who have gone before you. These Registry Holidays are perfect opportunities to showcase the 356 and spread general interest in our cars and our hobby across the country.

Holiday Proposal

You'll need to start by submitting a Holiday proposal to the Registry Trustees. Sometimes there are multiple submittals for a year and since there are just two annual Holidays (East Coast and West Coast), the more complete your proposal, the better chance of being chosen. The Trustees generally all have experience putting on Holidays and can be a helpful resource so take advantage of them. Their goal is to catch any potential issues so you can learn from previous Holiday Chairmen's mistakes.

Contents of the Holiday Proposal:

Letter to the President of the Registry. Introduce yourself, state why you are capable of putting on a major event and summarize the proposal contents. Send a copy of the proposal to all current Trustees.

Event Site and specific dates. Describe the site and why it would be an interesting meeting place for hundreds of 356 enthusiasts. Include specific information on the host city, attractions, maps of location and mileage from a few key cities. Also, please make sure the event does not overlap other events of similar interest (Porsche Parade, other regular 356 events, etc.). Check the Registry and local clubs calendar of events. The best duration for a Holiday is 3-4 days. Less and people are not likely to drive long distances for a 2 day event, more and participants may burn out.

Accommodations. Specific information on Host Hotel, Rates, Meeting rooms, Etc.

Preliminary schedule of events. This doesn't need to be final, but should hit the major activities through the weekend.

Concours Site. Provide a description of the Concours site, a picture is even better. The Concours is the focal point of any Holiday so find a suitable place to showcase the cars.

Pro-forma Budget. Show registration fees, meals, expense estimates, etc. Do your homework and provide a well thought out budget. See the example at the end.

Signed Holiday Contract. The contract reflects the wisdom of many Holidays and is worded as it is for good reason. Read it carefully. The goal is for all Holiday registration fees to be spent on the event (the Registry would rather not collect excess funds).

Picking the Site

The ideal Holiday site will have scenic landscape or interesting attractions, great touring roads and should leave a lasting impression. You will need to pick a

headquarters hotel and we highly recommend that you find a hotel which can accommodate all or nearly all participants. Room rates should be reasonable for the area. Work with the local Chamber of Commerce to line up overflow hotels if needed.

Negotiating with the Hotel

Most hotels need a contract for events of this size. The wording of these contracts varies from informal and reasonable all the way to scary. Make sure you read carefully and negotiate any clause you feel uncomfortable with. For example, some contracts need a guaranteed number of room nights or else there can be penalties. You should be able to get the data needed from the hotel in order to submit your Holiday proposal to the Registry before signing a contract. The hotel will tentatively hold dates for you for a couple of weeks. Don't enter into any contract with the hotel until you have been awarded the Holiday by the Registry.

Some things to consider when negotiating with the hotel:

Make sure they are accommodating and eager to get your business. If not, try another as there's nothing worse than an unresponsive HQ hotel.

Contract – Negotiate everything and get it in writing! Many hotels will adjust rates for large groups, give out comp rooms, waive meeting room and banquet room fees etc. but you must work it out in advance and get it in writing in the contract. Here are hotel nits often forgotten which can bite your budget: meeting room fees, projector/screen rental, extension cords, easels, tax and gratuity on meals, table/chair rentals, cash bar minimums, etc.

Meals – Make sure prices are quoted with tax and gratuity included. Check on buffet vs. served meal prices (both work fine). Try and provide a choice of chicken/fish or beef and be prepared for vegetarian requests. Match the banquet room to the event, i.e. don't have an event that'll draw 250 participants and have a banquet room which only seats 80.

Parking – Plan to arrange "356 only" parking area if event rooms only partially fill the hotel. Also, arrange an area for trailer parking.

Wash Area – Have the hotel provide an area to wash cars including a hose.

You will probably have to furnish cleaning supplies/drying towels.

Hospitality Room – Secure a large meeting room for participants to gather. Generally beverages should be provided and need to be worked out with the hotel. Most hotels insist on providing beverages at an inflated rate, however some will allow you to provide your own. Make sure you know the hotel rules and budget accordingly. Only registered participants should be allowed in the Hospitality suite.

Security – Ask about security. Many hotels will have a guard at night and you can arrange for him to make special rounds. If the hotel has no security, consider renting your own and budget accordingly.

Room Night Adjustments – Be sure to have several "room night adjustment" points between the time you sign the contract and the Holiday to ensure you do not have to pay for late cancellations. Negotiate one to three adjustments (drops). Each adjustment should be 10% of the contracted total. Be sure this is spelled out in the hotel contract.

As an example with the hotel contracted room nights = 300:

1.Three months before the Holiday the room nights count is allowed to be reduced by 10% (30 room nights) to 270.

2.Two months before the Holiday the room night count is allowed to be reduced by another 30 to 240.

3.One month before the Holiday the final room night count is allowed to drop by another 30 for a final count of 210 room nights.


Some hotels and venues require an insurance binder in order to hold an event. The Holiday Chairman is responsible for obtaining the necessary insurance as required including insurance covering the organizers as necessary. Insurance can be obtained as a rider on the Registry main insurance policy and the Registry will assist in facilitating. The additional insurance costs should be budgeted for in the Holiday budget.

Setting the Schedule

There is a reason for Holiday schedules being similar. Many variations have been tried but they tend to gravitate back toward the basic standard below:

Thursday – Arrivals and Registration

Friday – Tours and Sessions

Saturday – Concours and Banquet

Sunday – Early Swap Meet

This is not to say you can't change things around if you have a different plan in mind, however consider the traveling logistics of the participants and the overall flow of the event. See example detailed schedule at the end.


This is where the rubber meets the road. It is important to accurately predict and control your costs so the event doesn't get away from you. For example, if you are off by $1.50 on all your meals, you could be in the hole by $1.5K very quickly over the weekend. Use an excel spreadsheet if possible as it makes adjustments easy. See example of a Holiday Budget at the end.

Budget Shortfall

There have been few if any Holiday budget shortfalls and Registry mentors are certainly available to help minimize your risk of having one. History is no predictor of the future however and having to sign a five figure hotel contract can be a daunting experience. The Registry has set up a Holiday Shortfall Insurance Fund in order to mitigate this risk. A small fee collected from each Holiday registrant goes into the fund which will be used to help defray unused hotel night costs. Refer to the 356 Registry Holiday Contract for details.


This is a very important function for a Holiday. A good registration process makes things go smoothly. An unorganized process can be a nightmare. Use a database program if possible to keep accurate track of everyone's information. Send a

confirmation promptly when people register by mail; otherwise they'll end up calling you to confirm. Prepare all the registration packets ahead of time so you have everything bundled together when you get to the site. You want the registration line to move fairly quickly so people don't become irritable. Also, you must check that all registrants are Registry members beforehand. A list of current members can be obtained from the Registry Membership chair. The easiest method is to provide a table where people can join the Registry at the event so if someone shows up to pick up their registration and is not a member, you can have them join the Registry on the spot before completing registration.

Carefully design the flyer/registration form. If you make a mistake here, you're stuck with it. For example, be sure to include the following items on your form:

Ask for meal choices, shirt sizes (if applicable) and all contact information including email addresses.

If you need information for planning the Concours (such as type of car, etc.), make sure to request it.

Include accommodation information and special instructions. Provide a Holiday contact for questions (phone number and email address).

Put in something to try and get people to register early and not just show up at the event. Early registration discounts is a good way. For the Monterey Holiday, limiting the number of participants on the Laguna Seca Parade laps to the first 150 worked like a charm (we actually accommodated twice that number).

Make sure to clearly spell out the cancellation policy. It will save you lots of grief later. Generally, try to give everyone their money back unless you've sunk the costs (for example, you may have to guarantee meals 1 week before the event).


Most people like to take driving tours at a Holiday. Assign a Tour coordinator and provide at least a couple of interesting tour drives. Make sure the instructions are adequate, but don't get overly complicated. It's easiest to set a time when the tour will start, yet make it self guided. Using a lead car to guide tours adds complications if you have a large group, but can also be fun. It's your choice. See example of a tour at the end.

"Sessions" and the Open Membership Meeting

You should plan for a tech session gathering or two. Generally tech sessions work well and most experienced 356 vendors or restorers are eager to help. Set the time and arrange a room for people to meet. Registry Trustees have begun holding membership meetings at major events to allow an open interchange of ideas, comments, and questions. In order to attract the widest audience, the timing of this meeting (at least two hours) should not conflict with other sessions or drives/tours.

The Concours

The Concours is usually the showcase for the event. Plan the site carefully including how the cars will be arranged, entered and exited from the site. Cars should be arranged by model (A,B,C) as it eases voting in People's Choice and makes it easier for the judges if it is a judged Concours. Most past Holiday Chairmen would recommend that you do a People's Choice show as it is more laid back and much less work. However, if you have your heart set on a judged Concours, make sure to pick out an experienced Concours Chairman who can arrange everything including experienced judges. Remember, the object is to have fun, not stress people out.

For a People's choice show, plan on 6 volunteers to count the ballots. Make sure to budget approx 1.5 hrs between ballot collection and award presentation if you plan on announcing any winners at the Concours site. If ballot counting drags on too long, people will start to leave. Most events announce major winners at the Awards Banquet.

The Awards Banquet

Put your own flavor on the Banquet. Usually a "theme" works well. Try and keep the presentations from dragging on too long or people get restless. Major door prizes are good to give out, however, don't spend hours handing out T-shirts and car wax.

Balance the evening's activities to about 3 hours max. Be sure to include time for these two items:

The random drawing of the Registry sponsored "Holiday" which is two free registrations and three free room nights.

The announcement of the next Holiday(s).

The Swap Meet

The swap meet usually organizes itself. Arrange for an adequate parking lot and people will start showing up before dawn.

Encouraging New Members

In an effort to attract and encourage younger and new membership, you should contact all regional high schools and Technical Colleges that have an automotive program and invite students and teachers to the Concours. Some type of badge should be provided to identify these future members so that current members can extend every courtesy to them.Further efforts should be made to promote the Concours through local papers, social media or other car clubs. Membership reminder postcards and forms should be available at the Concours.


Members enjoy seeing themselves in the Registry magazine so a photographic record of your Holiday is important. You should enlist the aid of an experienced automotive photographer to help with the documentation. Our magazine publisher can supply the names of photographers in your area.

Example Activities Schedule

Thursday, Aug. 8

2:00pmHospitality Suite Opens2:00pm -

7:00pmRegistration (In Hospitality Suite) 5:00pm - 6:00pmTech Session I (Featuring Expert Panel) 7:00pm - 9:00pmDinner (on your own)

9:00pm - 10:00pmRegistration (In Hospitality Suite) 9:00pm - 9:45pmVintage Race Video/Discussion

11:00pmHospitality Suite Closes

Friday, Aug. 9

7:00amHospitality Suite Opens7:00am -

10:00amRegistration (In Hospitality Suite) 8:00am - 3:30pmCarmel Valley Long Driving Tour

10:00am - 4:00pmWinery Driving Tour (Leaves from Hyatt) 4:00pm - 7:00amRegistration (In Hospitality Suite)

5:00pm - 6:00pmTech Session II (Featuring "The Maestro") 6:00pm - 8:00pmDinner (on your own)

8:00pm - 10:00pmLiterature Swap Meet/Art Show 11:00pmHospitality Suite Closes

Saturday, Aug. 10

7:00am - 8:30amConcours Prep (At Laguna Seca) 7:00am - 9:00amContinental Breakfast (At Laguna Seca)

7:00am - 9:00amRegistration (At Laguna Seca) 8:30am - 11:00amConcours Judging (At Laguna Seca) 11:20amLine up for Track Tour

11:30am - 12:00pmTrack Tour of Laguna Seca Raceway 12:00pm- 12:30pmGroup Photo at Track Finish 12:30pm - 1:45pmBBQ Buffet (At Laguna Seca) 1:45pm -

4:30pm17 Mile Tour (self guided)

6:00pm - 7:00pmCocktail Hour Mixer (At Hyatt) 7:00pm - 10:00pmAwards Banquet (At Hyatt)

Sunday, Aug. 11

6:00am - 10:00amParts Swap Meet (lower garage level)

Example Tour

"Get Acquainted with Monterey" Tour

Tour of sights and attractions around Monterey and Carmel – Approximately 45 miles + side trips and stops. Allow at least 2 hours minimum.




Leaving Hotel, go straight at light, under freeway onto Sloat



Left at Third Street, straight at the stops,cross the two bridges that go over Lake El Estero.



Right at El Estero



Left at Signal, Del Monte Blvd.After turn, get into right lanes

Side Trip –Turn right at next signal and try to find your way through the traffic onto

Fisherman's Wharf.Parking can be a problem during peak visitor times.

Side Trip– Historic Monterey: Go straight on Del Monte at2ndlightthen right to the Customs

House Plaza/Double Tree Hotel area.



Stay to right onto Washington, as Del Monte goes straight. Go through the tunnel (get into right

lane) which is under the Double Tree Hotel and the old Customs House Plaza, Casa del Oro, the

Plaza and Pacific House Museum.(This will be the site oft he big exotic car auction next



Turn off at Foam Street,follow signs to Cannery Row.Go two short blocks and turn right onto

Resside Ave.Go Down the hill then left onto Cannery Row (no street sign).



After 2 blocks on Cannery Row,make a right to follow the beach front.

Side Trip– ½ block straight ahead is the Monterey Antique Co-op.

Follow Cannery Row to the end at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (site of the Holiday Aquarium

Dinner on Monday night). Also, if you are looking for a nice fish dinner, may we recommend the

Fish Hopper.



At the Aquarium, go up the hill and turn right onto Wave Street.You are now entering Pacific

Grove and passing the American Tin Cannery Factory Stores.



You now will be on Ocean View Drive, which will take you along the best view of the Monterey

Bay Coast.At the corner of Stewart and Ocean View is the Tor house, former home of author

Robinson Jeffers built in1918.



Right at stop,follow Ocean View Drive.This area is called Lover's Point. One of the best places

to eat with a view is the Tinnery.

Side Trip –If you go left and follow the signs to Downtown Pacific Grove, you will be able to

find a few nice shops on Lighthouse Blvd.


Stay on Ocean View Drive and enjoy the sites.



You are now on Sunset Drive and leaving the beach. The huge complex on the right is the Inn

at Spanish Bay.



Go straight on Sunset Drive past the Pacific Grove High School, get into the right lane.



Right at stop onto Forest Drive/Hwy 68



Straight at light and Safeway



Right turn onto Hwy 1 South/Carmel

Example Pro Forma Budget










(75% of Registrant

Shortfall Insurance Fund




(per registrant)

Award Banquet




(85 %of reg./co-reg.)

Child Award Banquet




(3% of Co-Registrant)

BBQ Lunch-Concours




(85 %of reg./co-reg.)

Child Lunch-Concours




(event is subsidizing lunch)

BBQ Lunch-Laguna Seca




(70 %of reg./co-reg.)

Child Lunch-Laguna Seca




(event is subsidizing lunch)

Total est. income

from registration


Description Qty Price Totals Comments

Program Advertising


Estimated Goodie Store Revenue


Sponsor Revenue


Total est. Income







(Reg./Co-Reg. + 10%)



(nice trophies)





(approx 1.25 in.)





(registrants only +20%)

Tote bag




(registrants only +10%)

Name Badges Misc. Event Printing/Mailings





Misc Registration expenses


Visa charges


(5%) of 45% of Registration revenue

Event Banners/signs






(includes tax/tip/etc.)

BBQ Lunch-Laguna Seca




(includes tax/tip/etc.)

Concours Site fee


(includes everything except food)

Coffee/Danish @ Concours




(75 % of lunch totals - incl tax)


Hosp. Suite charges


(hotel fee)

Cases of Soft Drinks




(hotel price)

Kegs of Beer




(hotel price)

Cases of O'Doules




(hotel price)

Award Banquet




Child Banquet




A-Banquet Tax/Tip



A-Banquet Drinks Bar Tab Service Charge






(one drink per person)

Coffee at Hotel/gallon




(Fri., Sat, Mon.) incl tax, tip

Donuts at Hotel/dozen




(Fri., Sat, Mon.) incl tax, tip

Security for off-site parking


(Fri.,Sat, Sun,Mon. nights)

Rental/insurance for MPC lot


Table rental for Literature Meet




Audio/Visual equipment


Misc. slush fund


(misc.charges by hotel, photo,etc.)

Goodie Store Expenses


Total est. Expenses


Total Event Profit (Loss)$0

Porsche 356 Registry Holiday Contract

THIS CONTRACT is entered into by and between the Porsche 356 Registry, Inc., an Ohio nonprofit corporation, the mailing address of which is 1826 Tower Drive, Stillwater, MN 55082, hereinafter the "Registry", and, Committee Chairman, along with additional individuals and/or host club(s), collectively referred to herein as "Holiday Committee," with regard to a Registry sanctioned Holiday to be held between the dates ofandat_ hereinafter "Holiday."

WHEREAS, the Holiday Committee has submitted a Holiday Proposal to the Registry and the Registry has awarded the right to organize the Holiday to said Holiday Committee;

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

1. The Registry will provide advertising space for the Holiday of at least one (1) page in each of two (2) separate issues of its bi-monthly publication known as the Porsche 356 Registry Magazine, provided that the artwork for such advertising is in compliance with the Editor's specifications and is provided to the Editor at least thirty (30) days prior to the publication date.

2.The Holiday Committee shall create a unique logo for the Holiday. The logo may be of any design using a 356-related theme. It must not, however, contain any recognized trademark names or images. The logo must contain the words, "Porsche 356 Registry" and "Holiday," along with other descriptive words for the Holiday such as East Coast or West Coast. The Holiday logo must be submitted to the Registry for written approval before it may be utilized.

3.A commemorative jacket patch of the same general type and quality as provided to registrants of previous Holidays shall be designed and produced by the Holiday Committee and provided to each Holiday registrant. Two (2) jacket patches must be forwarded to the Registry President for inclusion in the archives within thirty (30) days of completion of the Holiday.

4.Registrants to the Holiday must be current Registry members. Registry membership is not required of co-registrants. A maximum of one co-registrant for each registrant is allowed. Participation in Holiday events is restricted to registered members and their co-registrants. The Holiday Committee must provide personnel and accommodations at its Registration Area for the processing of new member applications.

5.Holiday volunteers must be affiliated with the 356 Registry so as to be covered by club insurance and avoid any liability.

6.The Holiday Committee will apply for Holiday insurance coverage under the Registry's master liability insurance policy. The Holiday will pay any event charge incurred as well as any fee(s) for excess coverage necessitated by the event. The Holiday Committee shall make sure that all

Holiday participants sign the appropriate insurance release forms at the time of registration, in accordance with the insurance requirements. Please note that if wine/alcoholic beverages are offered, they must be offered at no charge by the Holiday and must be self-served in order to qualify for coverage under the master liability insurance policy. This does not include a host bar administered by the event hotel.

The Holiday Committee shall submit the insurance forms and fees no later than 60 days prior to the Holiday. The Registry will reimburse these fees to the Holiday Committee within 30 days after approval by the insurance carrier.

7.The Holiday Committee shall obtain a separate bank account in the name of the Holiday and have a minimum of two signatories. Holiday expenses should be paid directly from this account. In the event an individual pays Holiday expense from personal funds and requests reimbursement, full documentation of the expense must be provided. Reimbursement checks should be drawn on the Holiday account by a signatory other than the individual who incurred the expense.

8.A "Hospitality Suite" (i.e., a comfortable, convenient central meeting place) must be provided for Holiday registrants to encourage general member interaction and camaraderie. This central meeting place should be of adequate size to accommodate the registrants, should be generally open for the duration of the Holiday, and should be amply stocked with amenities, including refreshments. It is also required that a separate/standalone reasonable space with tables be provided for the Registry Goodie Store. (Normally such facilities can be arranged for a minimal or no-charge basis during the negotiations with the hotel for accommodations and other services.)

9.It is the desire of the Registry to keep Holiday participation costs reasonable. Therefore, all Holiday registration and event income must be spent on the event. The Holiday Committee will charge registration and/or event fees calculated to cover all Holiday expenses so that no profit or loss will occur. The preferred room rate per night is $175 or less inclusive of all taxes, resort fees and all other charges associated with the hotel. A paid professional event planner will be considered by the Trustees as a legitimate expense item on an event by event basis. A pro forma budget must be submitted with this agreement.

The Registry will, upon receipt of written itemized requests from the Holiday Committee, advance sums up to a total of $1,000.00 to defray initial expenses until registration revenue is received. This advance shall be fully repaid to the Registry within thirty (30) days of completion of the Holiday.

Upon signing of the Holiday Contract the Registry will agree to sponsor the Holiday with no less than $1000.

In the event Holiday funds fall short of the expenses incurred, the Holiday Committee may petition the Registry for reimbursement of such shortages, whereupon the Registry will utilize the Holiday Shortfall Insurance Fund.

In consideration for this risk:

A.The Registry will appoint a Trustee mentor as the liaison with the Holiday Committee chairman.

B. This Trustee will oversee scheduling, budgets, contracts, and logistics.

C. This Trustee will review and approve all contracts and expenditures of money prior to commitment.

D. The Holiday Committee shall add a $5 fee to each registration to supplement the Holiday Shortfall Fund.

10.This contract may be declared null and void at the sole discretion of the Trustees, and the Porsche 356 Registry shall hold no liability associated with this event if the Holiday Committee or its members violate any portion of the contract or demonstrate an unwillingness to work with a Trustee Liaison, or within the boundaries and the framework of this contract.

11.The Holiday Committee shall maintain a complete and detailed accounting of funds received and disbursed (except for Holiday logo concessions under Item No. 12 below), using generally accepted accounting practices in a format prescribed by the Treasurer of the Registry. Such records shall be transferred to the Registry within thirty (30) days of the completion of the Holiday. Should there be any surplus registration and/or event funds remaining after payment

of all Holiday expenses such surplus funds shall be donated to the Registry at the time the final accounting is submitted.

12.It is agreed that the sole source of Holiday Committee profit shall be from Holiday logo merchandising. Under no circumstances will the Holiday Committee profit from registration fees, meals, hotel room costs (including any hotel or vendor discounts) or Holiday sponsor donations nor shall committee members profit from hotel or airline mileage programs related to booking of venues for the Holiday. The Holiday Committee may contract with the Registry Goodie Store for its Holiday logo merchandise or may contract with other vendors at its discretion.

13.No competitive events involving movement of registrants' automobiles such as an autocross shall be held unless a written proposal is submitted to and approved by the Registry Trustees and adequate insurance secured through the Registry's master insurance policy.

14.To encourage participation in future holidays by more members, the Holiday Committee is encouraged to create a written and photographic record of the Holiday for possible publication

in the Registry magazine and/or use on the website within thirty (30) days of completion of the event.

15.The Registry logo is a licensed trademark and cannot be used without permission. The Registry gives permission to the Holiday Committee to use the Registry logo on Holiday-related items that are provided free to the registrants, provided, however, that the Holiday Committee submits a sample of the proposed item and obtains written approval from the Registry prior to manufacture. Under no circumstances may the Holiday Committee sell items with the Registry logo.

16.Neither the Holiday Committee nor the Registry shall share or disseminate registrant information or personal data, other than a roster of attendees including first name, last name, city, state (or country). It is encouraged that all this information be destroyed subsequent to the Holiday.

17.This agreement may be signed in counterparts, each of which shall constitute a complete agreement, all of which shall constitute one agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto subscribe their names on the dates indicated below. PORSCHE 356 REGISTRY, INC.





Holiday Chairperson (Print Name) Revision03/31/2017