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Do not reply to emails offering to sell rare or expensive items, especially if you advertised them as wanted, without verifying the seller. If you see an ad that doesn’t comply with rules or is suspicious, please report to the Moderators using the report button. If you get a suspicious email, please forward it to 356clasmod@porsche356registry.org

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Sellers: do not ship to the buyer until real money is in your bank account. Wait until checks have cleared. That includes Bank/Treasury checks which are often forged. Usually, 7 days after making a deposit is long enough. Check this with your bank. If the buyer is in a big hurry for you to hand over/ship your item have them use PayPal or a wire transfer. If they try to rush the transaction, be suspicious.

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356 A Advertising Articles brochure

I know that one exists for the 356 B, as per attached photo. Would like to buy one for the 356 A This is for my personal collection. Please help... Thanks !

Everett Anton Singer

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Lit/Memorabilia $TBD Carmel Valley, C A May 30, 2017

Porsche 356 Original Owners Manual-W31 September 1963 Edition

I am looking for the current owner of a 1964 356 SC, VIN 217963. I have the original Owners Manual for this car. It has a lot of annotations in the manual by the original owner. We owned this ca...

Hank Weil

Member since 04/14

For Sale 356 Lit/Memorabilia $TBD Crozet, VA Apr 20, 2019
Noimage tile

Sports Car Graphic Magazine ,SCG

Looking for copy of a SCG article from late 60's detailing race car prep of a 356, Roadster I believe, by Hollywood Sports Cars. Thanks!

Tim Berardelli

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Lit/Memorabilia $TBD N. Virginia Aug 21, 2021