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404 356 64 smba

Porsche 356 C and SC release bearing

Porsche 356 C and SC release bearing for 1963-65 cars in new or like new condition. No longer available except at the dealer and expensive.

Joe Cogbill For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $150 Cleveland Ga 30528 Nov 09, 2014
305 356 65 cam 1 smba

Porsche 356 & 912 wide lobe camshaft

Porsche 356 SC and 912 wide lobe camshaft in very good used condition. No pitting of the lobes and very little wear on the slot for the oil pump drive. Will fit all 356 from 1955 up and all 912 196...

Joe Cogbill For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $$250 Cleveland Ga 30528 Nov 16, 2014

356C Outlaw 5.5x15 16-Hole Alloy Spares

Porsche 356 Outlaw 5.5x15 16-Hole Alloy Spares Price: $1295 Shipped Fedex Ground A set(4)of 5.5x15 16-HOLE Porsche Alloy Space Saver Spares. Incredibly light-weight at 10 1/2 lbs. each! Fitting ...

Jim Callaway For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $$1295 Includes Fedex Ground Shipping to CONUS Long Beach, CA Nov 18, 2014
B jack and handle

Restored "B" Bilstien Jack Correct for 1957 thru early 1962 plus a jack handle for your tool bag

This jack has been completely disassembled, cleaned, polished, repainted and gently re-assembled. It has a new rubber bumper installed on the top of the support tube and the correct Bilstein blue p...

Tom Sansone For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $425 which includes free shipping to the US. $65 extra shipping to Europe Elk Grove, CA. Nov 24, 2014
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Black Friday At The Goodie Store

Friday Nov. 23 between 8a.m. and 6 p.m. (California time) THE ENTIRE GOODIE STORE is on sale for 20% off the original price of the item. NOT available on line. Must call 831-375-4442 or email 356...

Diane Morrill For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $20% off Marina, California Nov 25, 2014
404 356 60 trans nose smba

Porsche 356 transmission nose for single mount cars

Porsche 356 transmission nose for single mount cars used only in 1960-61.

Joe Cogbill For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $$200 Cleveland Ga 30528 Dec 01, 2014
Bosch emko9z9z

[WTB] Radio noise supressing condensers (capacitors)

I'm looking for some 1950s condensers to suppress radio noise. Bosch or Beru. Here's the types: Bosch EMKO 19 Z 3 Z Bosch EMKO 9 Z 9 Z Beru SK213 as in the photos. Let me know what you h...

James Davies Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $356 Baltimore, USA Dec 24, 2014

Seat Hinges -- for Type A

One compete set of seat hinges that are date coded 9/57 and 10/57. Excellent teeth.

Tarrik Shawa For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $325 shipped So Cal Jan 25, 2015
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Early T-6 Fuse Box Cover

Looking for a fiberboard cover for the fuse box with two posts. So the cover has two holes surrounded by metal circlips. Somewhat rare since it is fragile and was only used for a short time.

Edwin Ek Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $Yours Santa Monica Apr 03, 2015
Zenith 32ndix repair parts.jpg

Zenith 32NDIX Repair Parts

The picture is that of an exhibit which has been displayed at Swap Meets. It represents those Zenith 32NDIX carburetor repair parts offered by Afterwerke. The parts comprise an array of standard ...

Albert F. Tiedemann Jr For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $as stated 21120 May 14, 2015