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A set of original Porsche 911 European front turn signal assembly 65-67 L + R

in good used condition, see picture. Rare and original. and cheaper than a new reproduction! I ship worldwide, paypal and shipping at buyer's expense

Paolo Tonella For Sale All Other Porsche Cars/Parts/Lit & Memorabilia $500 Euro Switzerland - cheese, banks and chocolate Dec 11, 2017
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pre A windshield wiper mechanism, complete

Motor not working. In complete, good condition, bowden cable works fine. Bought it 10 years ago for 850 USD for a Project, which eventually turned out to need the older mechanism (was a 1952). Pay...

Paolo Tonella For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $650 Euro Switzerland, banks, cheese and chocolate Dec 11, 2017
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1961 356B T5 Tub Shell Outlaw Candidate

this is a titled in my name ‘61 coupe. it was a donor junkyard car. really nice complete doors and rear bumper and steering column are included in the tunnel. no front end. no rear end. n...

tony madsen For Sale 356 Cars $14,999 harrisonburg VA Dec 11, 2017
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messko tyre pressure gauge original NOS in the box

including NOS vinyl pouch. Made in Switzerland (home of watch precision - better than the German ones!). Setting like the ones for 356 C and SC, the scale is slight different. Why pay so much...

Paolo Tonella For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $70 Switzerland - cheese and banks and chocolate Dec 11, 2017
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Porsche pre A idiot dashboard lights yellow and green

original parts, in as-new condition

Paolo Tonella For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $180 Euro piece Switzerland - cheese, banks and chocolate Dec 11, 2017

New Stoddard Parts 20% Off

Almost finished with restoration of my 61 B Notchback Coupe. Some of these parts were ordered by mistake, some as duplicate orders. Thought I would pass on the 20% restocking fee to members here in...

Lynn Sheeley III For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $varies, see ad Knoxville, Tenn Dec 10, 2017
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356A/B Single Grill Luggage Rack

This is a very nice original AMCO luggage rack for a single grill 356. The chrome is in excellent used condition and it includes all original mounting hardware. Includes a couple of badges for disp...

Roger Flink For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $320 Houston, Texas Dec 10, 2017
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emergency brake shoe retaining clips

Does anyone have 2 clips for retaining the emergency brake shoes to the backing plate in a disc brake car? Or any ideas what type clip might work. Thanks

Jule Block Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $TBD Minnesota Dec 10, 2017

Early 356 vdo speedometer PENDING albert

Mid 53 to 55 vdo working speedometer. date stamped 8/58? mint green face. perfect chrome bezel. small piece of lint behind glass. can send better pictures if you pay extra, and my favorite line, DO...

Garry Haussler For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $1,000 SF Bay area Dec 10, 2017
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FS: Bosch H1 NOS Headlight Units

Set of Bosch H1 NOS headlight units with raised scrip lenses.

James Rogers For Sale All Other Porsche Cars/Parts/Lit & Memorabilia $2,000 Maricopa, AZ Dec 09, 2017