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Head tin 356

WTB: Early 356 Cylinder Head Tin

Wanted: Looking to purchase early 356 cylinder head tin. 1 single piece or 4 pieces is OK. See photos. Notice that there is NO "RIDGE/BUMP" ON THE EARLY HEAD TIN where the head tin meets the bl...

Joe Ruiz

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $tbd Anaheim, CA Jul 12, 2018

Have beautiful 2001 911 turbo (996) will trade for 356 project car ....

Would like to trade my 2001 911 turbo for a 356 / early 911 / 912 project car ... The Turbo is in wonderful condition nearly $10k invested recently to get everything that could possibly go wrong ta...

Ron Herrin

Member since 04/14

Wanted Want To Trade $WTT SO CAL Jul 21, 2018

1991 la carrera panamericana poster

1991 la carrera panamericana poster

Jeffrey Gamble

Member since 04/14

Wanted All Other Porsche Cars/Parts/Lit & Memorabilia $ USA Aug 07, 2018
A   20350

Wanted: 1950 - 1954 Porsche 2pc. Engine Block / Pieces

Looking to purchase any Porsche 2pc. engine block or bits & pieces. Turn those old parts into instant cash! Send me an email with price and photos to:

Joe Ruiz

Member since 04/14

Wanted All Other Porsche Cars/Parts/Lit & Memorabilia $TBD Anaheim, CA Aug 09, 2018
Img 5018

Wanted - Original Tan/Oatmeal Floor Mats for A

I'm looking for original tan/oatmeal rubber floor mats for an A, most importantly the large front piece, but interested in tunnel and two rear mats as well. Will consider any incomplete or well use...

Paul Hageman

Member since 01/15

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $TBD Kirkland, WA Nov 23, 2018
Ignition switch1

[WTB] 356A Ignition Switch Key Code D088

Wanted: an early 356A ignition switch with a key code of D088 This is a late 1955 key code, used on early 356A cars and will be stamped onto the ignition switch. Thanks, Chris

Christian Ching

Member since 06/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $YTM Great Britain Nov 26, 2018

356 tool kit

looking for incomplete tool kits or misc. tools to have in my cars.

Kenneth Raichert

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $tbd anywhere Jan 14, 2019

356 tool kit wrenches and screwdrivers

originals please

Kenneth Raichert

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $tbd anywhere Jan 24, 2019
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WTB original front arm needle bearing

I need a set or individual original spec front suspension arm needle bearing.

Ignacio Vivancos

Member since 04/14

Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $YTM Austin Feb 16, 2019

[WTB] Looking for my dad's 1965 356SC

Here's the history I could piece together between his memory and the few remaining photos and documentation we have: The car was originally purchased in 1977 from an individual we had previousl...

Zachary Scott

Member since 11/17

Wanted 356 Cars $1,965 Oakland, CA Feb 25, 2019