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356C or 356SC Coupe Wanted By 356 Enthusiast, Ready To Buy, Fix And Drive Daily

I sold my old C coupe a few years back after driving it daily for 25 years. I'd like to hear about your nice or not so nice C or SC coupe that I could buy, fix and drive regularly again. Slate grey...

Trey Harrison Wanted 356 Cars $fair offer Memphis,TN 38107 Apr 12, 2018

Sold louvered 356 coupe rear decklid.

click on pictures to view full image . leftover louvered rear 356a coupe decklid that was from my outlaw project that i reluctantly had to sell . I stripped to bare metal no rust ever and n...

Ned Gorski For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $$700 Hartford ct Apr 12, 2018

PORSCHE 356 356A 356B 1600S Rebuilt Engine Long Block #84944 1959 1960 Super

Stock case with standard line bore. Crankshaft checked and cut to 10/10. NPR 86mm Pistons and cylinders. New Super Cam. 912 rods sized and balanced. 912 aluminum rocker arm assemblies rebuilt with ...

Larry A. Brooks For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $6,000 Portland, Oregon Apr 12, 2018
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Roadster Cover! 356B full line brochure, 3-61, featuring Roadster Notchback Hardtop

A nice 3-61 German language Porsche 356B sales brochure, this full-line brochure features Roadster on the cover, also Notchback as well as Coupe and Cabriolet...please see my other listings for mor...

Trey Harrison For Sale 356 Lit/Memorabilia $225 Memphis,TN 38107 Oct 10, 2017
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Original Porsche 356 Sales Brochure, Typ 356B/1962

An original German language 356B sales brochure from 3-62, excellent condition with a few marks on the back cover in pen, features the full line. Thanks and please see my other listings for more ea...

Trey Harrison For Sale 356 Lit/Memorabilia $125 Memphis,TN 38107 Oct 10, 2017
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912 third piece #1284821

Nice looking Porsche 912 engine third piece #1284821, fresh from long-term storage. Please see the pictures and thanks for looking.

Trey Harrison For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $200 Memphis,TN 38107 Jun 05, 2016
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set of matched 1957 steel wheels

still looking for a set of mint or restorable date stamped before 6/ 57 steel wheels for an 356 A

jacques-Paul F Speyer Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $TBA Virginia Dec 19, 2017
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356 preA 1952-53 for restoration

Looking for a complete car. Body may be bad but no major parts missing. Even without engine. Waiting for your offers. +491773766243

Albert Haefner Wanted 356 Cars $tbd anywhere Feb 14, 2018
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356B/C Hood Handle/ Badge

From my now sold ‘60 356B T5 coupe. Very original, untouched hood handle with correct, perfect patina hood badge. These fit best on factory hoods than the new ones offered. Chrome is shiny and ve...

Steve Vartanian For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $250 New York Feb 14, 2018
Crest 011

Older enamel Porsche crest you have one like this?

I'd like to buy one of these older enamel Porsche crests to hang in the you have one you would sell? please contact me! Thanks for looking

Trey Harrison Wanted 356 Lit/Memorabilia $ Memphis, TN Oct 14, 2015