Cibie Super Oscar Replica Driving Lights 7" - $100

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For Sale: Pair, Cibie Super Oscar (or Oscar SC's) replica driving lights. These are fairly large lights, made popular in the 70s and 80s in Rallying, off road Baja and night time racing. These are a driving light lens – for distance with a mild amount of spread, unlike a narrow pencil or spot distance beam. The housing is 7” in diameter (unlike the true Super Oscar, which was over 8” diameter so it is more like the Oscar SC in size). The glass lens itself is 5 1/2” diameter. The Oscar SC was only available in a non-fluted spot/pencil beam light, which isn't that great on the road where you need some spread or width of beam, as these driving lenses have. I have used these lights on cars and trucks, and yes, they are inexpensive and 'replica' versions, but they work well and take a beating and last. They differ from the original Cibie Super Oscar and Oscar SC lights (which I have also had many of, and used) in a few significant ways. First, the Cibie only has one power wire coming out of the housing – they ground through the mounting bolt of the housing. This is less than desirable, as the bolt to housing contact is a swivel mount, and the housing swivel is then pop riveted to the housing itself, which is painted. This prevents the ground from ever being 'perfect.' These replicas use a separate wire for grounding, which allows for easier grounding when mounting to a plastic bumper, or a bumper that isn't grounded to the chassis well, etc. Second, the Cibie swivel mount is much smaller. It works and isn't a problem, but given the choice between a larger, beefier mount and a smaller one, I'd always go with the larger one. These lights can be mounted upside down as well, with the same beam pattern. They come with 100W H1 bulbs, but do need a switch, and ideally, a relay, to install. I usually have these for sale as well if you do not want to use your own or source them. Pair of lights for $100 Ground shipping in the lower 48 is $15

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

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Posted 1:15AM, Jan 16, 2016

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