July 1, 2021: Restored "A" Bilstein Friction Jack Late 1955 thru Early 1957 - $800 with FREE shipping to the lower 48 states. $60 shipping outside the US.

For Sale by Tom Sansone - Posted in 356 Parts/Accessories

This is a fully restored factory original 356 Bilstein friction jack which is correct for cars from late 1955 thru early 1957. This A model jack is rare and difficult to find. The jack has been completely disassembled, cleaned, polished, re-painted and gently re-assembled. There is a new jack shaft tube, a new rubber bumper on top of the jack support tube and the paint on the jack foot is the correct Bilstein blue color. The jack knuckles and support rod have been cleaned of all rust and stains. They have been polished and a metal conditioner applied to inhibit further rust. The jack works properly and looks great. If you want a jack for your collector car which requires no additional work, then this jack is for you. This restoration has turned out to be exemplary. This will compliment any concours level car. No disappointments. Should you have any questions concerning the correct jack for your car, please don't hesitate to contact me. Be aware when you are buying a Porsche jack. There are VW jacks on eBay being passed off as Porsche jacks. Don't be fooled. There are important differences. Porsche jacks are a little over 20 inches tall. VW jacks are several inches shorter. The lifting peg on the Porsche jack sits at a 110 degree downward angle on the support tube. The lifting peg on VW jacks sit at a 90 degree angle. Porsche jacks have a rubber bumper secured at the top of the support tube by a very unique metal clip which fits in a groove at the top of the tube. VW jacks do not have this clip and do not come with a rubber bumper. The knuckles and foot of the jacks are virtually identical which makes it easy to get them confused.

Location: Elk Grove, California

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Posted 9:46PM, Oct 10, 2014

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