912 "Custom" Chrome "Hybrid" Solex Air Cleaners - $350+s/f

For Sale by Mike & Bobby Shaver - Posted in All Other Porsche Cars/Parts/Lit & Memorabilia

Offering someone an opportunity to have the most unique air cleaners imaginable on their 912. We found these chrome plated "customized" beasts by accident in deep storage. Apparently, someone was both incredibly bored and incredibly frustrated with (what I believe to be) the stock '65-'66 912 solex air cleaners, so they welded the 356 filter housing to a solex carb mounting, AND THEN had these customized units CHROME PLATED. So,if you are "going outlaw" with your '65-'66 912, these are perfect for you! And, if you happen to be extremely gullible, or know someone who is, the unconfirmed result of our research is that these were actually the result of an internal Porsche design competition to create a new 'cutting edge' air cleaner for the early 912, between Ferry Porsche, Ferdinand Pieche, and their cousin Heimlich Goodfahrt, and this is Goodfahrt's prototype. (I've emailed Dr. Porsche for confirmation, but have not heard back.) Just imagine the crowd's response at your next Porsche Club meeting when you pop the rear decklid and they see these!! You will own that crowd and the beer will probably be free for you all weekend. More seriously, the responses we've received merited better photos, so we cleaned them and used a bit of chrome cleaner and a soft cloth. Of course, these never had 'show chrome,' but as the photos show, the finish is pretty nice, with some rough spots. We do not represent these as something they are not, but they would seem interesting in an appropriate outlaw application, or "California Custom." You decide....

Location: indiana

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Posted 2:32PM, Apr 23, 2021

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