356 Art work by Lawrence Vavra (1978) - $25 each plus shipping and fees

For Sale by Mike & Bobby Shaver - Posted in 356 Lit/Memorabilia

Several years ago, I bought a package of 11 x 17 pen & ink drawings of various open models of 356s by Lawrence Vavra (1978). They are re-printed to fit standard/inexpensive 11 x 17 frames. (Just to be clear, these are not individually signed works of art. They are re-prints.) I took my 356A Cabriolet piece to a local art shop and got it hand-colored with the same color combination as my car and it turned out to be a REALLY nice graphic with a very personal artistic bias, as opposed to factory prints and photographs. It's a LOT more personally relevant than a $500 poster (or a copy).

Location: Indiana

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Posted 6:11PM, Feb 08, 2021

Expires 6:47PM, Jun 05, 2021