1500 Super Oil Breathers - $350

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*** Late-style breathers available!!! Early style are being fabricated at this time. Please click on each photo for the best view. Limited run of perfectly reproduced Oil Breathers as used on the Pre-A 1500S engines. 2 versions available known as the "Early" and "Late" Oil Breathers. Tooling made from both versions of original Oil Breathers years ago. The Early Oil Breather has a separate base. (See photos.) The Late Oil Breather has a single can with no separate base. These are precise reproductions of the originals with one exception to having the stack of 4 internal "cups" or baffles clear or brite zinc plated for improved internal protection. (The original Oil Breather had no plating.) Oil Breathers come ready to install on an engine with tab, spring, and clip. Oil Breathers are not able to be disassembled after fabrication, just like the originals. Each Oil Breather comes powder coated (80% gloss) with rubber base seal. Can be shipped without powder coating in raw form for you to match the finish on your engine at $25 less than the powder coated item. Made in the U.S.A. / California by SpeedwellUSA. Hergestellt in den U.S.A. / Kalifornien von Ray Schubert (SpeedwellUSA). Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Add $10 if paying by PayPal. Only ships fully insured. (For International buyers please note there are extra shipping costs. Please inquire.) Late Oil Breather complete = $350.00 Early Oil Breather complete = $375.00 (Note: the first photo shows the Oil Breather as installed on a Denzel engine. The fit of the Oil Breather on the Porsche 2-piece case 1500 Super engine is similar, of course. Denzel production engines also used this same Oil Breather.) Pulley is a cast steel item, balanced and blackened. (Reproduction Denzel Pulley.) Exhaust shown is a Speedwell USA "Pea Shooter". The Speedwell USA "Sebring" exhaust is similar and has a pre-muffler on each side. Made for the 356 Porsche and can be jet hot coated. All parts made in the U.S.A.

Location: Mountain View, California

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Posted 5:26PM, Dec 18, 2020

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