NOS 356 Main & Rod Bearings Glyco Karl Schmidt A B C SC 912 - $39 and up

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I have just a few sets of these left, fresh ad with new pics and prices for the remaining inventory. NOS 356 and 912 main and rod bearings, all have been sitting in dry indoor storage for a long time. If you click on any of the pictures it brings up a larger image that is much easier to see. A few of the boxes of early mains didn't have a Porsche P/N on them (Karl Schmidt boxes) and after measuring and researching believe I confirmed the part numbers, any questions please contact me. 1st pic is of the early main bearings, 2nd pic is of the C SC 912 main bearings along with rod bearings for all 356/912 engines. All prices for main bearings include shipping in the continental US, these prices should beat anyone and I'll offer additional discount for multiple sets. If you only want 1 set of rod bearings add $4 for shipping, if ordering 2 sets of rod bearings shipping is included. I will try to keep the quantities available updated as time allows. Feel free to send me a message if you have a question, Add 3% for paypal Fits Price Porsche P/N Manufacturer Qty Main Bearing Description 356/B 1960 $345 54610190100 Glyco, H687 1 ea Std case/Std crank 356 A B $345 54610190100 KS 87986600 1 ea Std case/.5mm 2nd under crank 356 A B $SOLD 54610190150 Glyco, H845 1 ea Std case/.25mm crank 1st under 356 A B $435 54610190175 KS 87986720 1 ea 1st over case/.50mm 2nd under crank C/SC 912 $335 61610013850 Glyco H799 1 ea Std case/.25mm 1st under crank C/SC 912 $365 61610013855 Glyco H799 1 ea Std case/.5mm 2nd under crank C/SC 912 $385 61610013855 KS 1 ea Std case/.50mm 2nd under crank Fits Price Porsche P/N Manufacturer Qty Rod Bearing Description A B C 912 $39 61610314252 Glyco 71-1971 2 ea .25mm 1st under rod bearing A B C 912 $42 61610314262 Glyco 71-1971 4 ea .5mm 2nd under rod bearing

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Posted 3:06PM, May 22, 2020

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