Porsche 356 Made by Reutter - $$55.00 (list $70.00) + $5.00 shipping

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Back in stock. In the past, experts have referenced the Christophorus cover of issue 21 showing the Reutter badge on the driver's side. Frank Jung in his English-language expanded edition of "Porsche 356 Made by Reutter" points out that, looking at the headlamp, the photo was printed backwards. This is one of the best, most needed Porsche books ever printed. It is estimated that over 80% of the value of an early Porsche was contributed by Reutter; so the history of the Porsche 356 is really the history of Reutter. Unfortunately, I sold out in December and frustratingly, the book did not make the January shipment from Germany. It is doubtful that the February shipment will arrive in time to be shipped to LAX.

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Posted 8:57PM, Dec 09, 2019

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