Hardtop w/ manual Golde Sunroof no 66559 - $$23500+ ship

For Sale by Richard Alexander - Posted in 356 Parts/Accessories

A rare unmolested factory hardtop w/ a manual Golde SR. It’s years that I have it and still not bought a cab to mate it w/ and knowing myself one is not coming anytime soon. The number is 66559. I have the headliner and should have the cup and handle too. I have to go through my storage to find it. It needs to be cleaned and May be refreshed but there are no visible issues (rust, dents). For your all information. As far as I have come across do these rare hardtops w either a Golde manual or electric SRs have unique C pilars to accommodate the rain drains & vents (see also Brett Johnson’s book, the red top is an electric) I will crate and ship it at cost but will make a better deal if you can arrange pick up or delivery within 300kms from Amsterdam.

Location: Holland, Europe

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Posted 10:32AM, Dec 09, 2019

Expires 7:49PM, Jul 14, 2021