356A or early B crankshaft - $495 including free shipping in Con US.

For Sale by Donn Snyder - Posted in 356 Parts/Accessories

This crank has been reground to .5mm undersize on the mains and the rod journals. The bearing journals show almost no wear. The actual journal sizes are as follows in inches: Mains, #1 1.9477 #2 1.9472 #3 1.9476 #4 1.5540 Rods #1 2.0663 #2 2.0650 #3 2.0655 #4 2.0660. Please note that I was measuring these in my shop which was cold soaked to 55 deg. F. The mic was at 55 deg too, but I was chasing it around a little as my hand heat was warming the mic. So your results may vary. I will guaranty that it is crack free. I do not have any magnaflux records, but there are no visual cracks. If you find it to be cracked by magnaflux I will refund your money and you can throw it in the scrap for me. If you find it to be unusable for any other reason I will refund your money, but you will have to ship it back. The gland nut shown in the picture come with it. I just put it on to protect the end during shipping.

Location: Boring, Oregon

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Posted 4:22AM, Feb 15, 2019

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