New reproduction Bosch 6V 6 volt horns, back in stock - $325 Free Shipping

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New reproduction Porsche 356 6 volt Horns [these will also work on 12V] The horns are assembled here in the United States from a combination of imported and American components. The horns are so correct that individual pieces of the original horns will actually interchange. They have perfect data badges and are correctly sold as a pair of low and high tone. This is one of the nicest parts we have ever produced and we are damn proud of them. They look and sound exactly as the originals. Now be including a new pair of the special thin cross section 10mm nuts that mount the horns to the original brackets. The horns are made to the very highest quality possible and the finish is oven baked enamel inside and out. A rag soaked in lacquer thinner may be rubbed vigorously on the finish and will remain free of any trace of the finish. A few people asked about the screws around the perimeter. The original horns had black round head slotted screws like I have used, this head design is not available today. I had these made. Neither is the smaller bright finish screws that retain the data plate, the originals were chrome plated brass which did not hold up very well. We also had these made for us in 404 stainless here in the US. This was VERY expensive. We hope the 356Talk List pundits will back me up on this. You have no idea what a royal pain it was to come up with the correct screws for both the outer rim and the center tags. The stampings are exactly as the original, you can mount the original wire terminal block from your original horns though I can't imagine who would want to. The horns are supplied with new spade terminals specially made for the thicker 6 volt wires.A virtual give away at $325 for the pair including free shipping. Regular price is $350 plus shipping [they are HEAVY!]

Location: Sarasota

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Posted 7:24PM, Oct 11, 2018

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