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This ad is for the PHOENIX style belts- I also have Continental belts for 356 A. -- For sale are my recreation of PORSCHE PHOENIX generator/fan belts. These are the most accurate reproduction of the original colors, font and lettering of the original belts. I was fortunate enough to have an original NOS belt to copy. The process involved carefully measuring the size and contour of each symbol and re-creating it all in AutoCAD. After this, tooling was made to produce the belts. Each belt is made one at a time held in place with special tooling and accurate ink. Ink is applied one color at a time which unfortunately necessitates more machine time and labor cost. The ink is also special to match original color. Some disclaimers: Despite all the efforts, the images produced on the belts are not done by Rembrandt. They are not perfect as the belt accepts the ink at different levels. I can state that having gone through several iterations of tooling and ink processes, these are as good as can be produced. I think actually better than originals but please know there will be “flaws” in the printing. Second disclaimer is that I am not a belt producer. I am simply creating labeling on these belts to replicate the original lettering. These belts are all purchased by me from Stoddard and come to me as new Optibelts. Should any belt be installed and have pre-mature failure or break, there are far too many variables that could cause the failure (ie, incorrect installation of the belt). So, I will not accept responsibility for belts failing on engines, although I do hope these belts are used not only in tool kits but on engines themselves. Costs are higher than expected, but I am offering these at $89. Shipping and PayPal costs bring it to $99 total for each- shipped via Priority Mail in the lower 48 states. At this time I am not excited about doing international shipping. Just too much paperwork at the Post Office- sorry. If you want an international shipment, contact me and we well try to work something out. If this project is successful, it is my intention to add CONTINENTAL belts for early 356. All depends on the success of this endeavor. PayPal payments are ok at no extra charge and are preferred. My email address for payment is 65c356@Comcast.net -Paul Hatfield

Location: Washington State

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Posted 10:43PM, Aug 15, 2018

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