1957 - 1965 Glycerin Bottle Glove Box Kit - $60

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This kit includes everything missing from the back of your 1957-1965 356 glove box door. 1. Glycerin Bottle: This sought-after bottle, reproduced from a hard to find original, is available in two cap colors: black or maroon. The bottle also includes a reproduction English language tag thoroughly explaining its correct usage. Purpose: To inject glycerin into exterior door key slot to prevent frozen, inoperable locks in sub-zero weather. Application: 356 / 911 / 912 Porsche 356: (p.n. 644.721.327.00) All 356’s with glove box door straps from 1957-1965. Porsche 911 and 912: (p.n. 901.721.327.00) All 911’s and 912’s with three horizontal glove box door straps until the end of the 1966 Model Year. Location: Affixed under the first elastic strap to the left on the reverse of the glove box door. Bottle should be upright when the glove box door is closed. 2. Autosicherungen Fuse Box Literally translated as ‘Car Fuses’ this small, paper box containing 10 fuses of matching amperage was included with every 356 with a glove box door from 1957 until 1965. It was originally placed under the middle elastic strap on the back of the glove box door. Based on a well preserved original, OBP has reproduced this consumable item, often used-up after 50-60 years of ownership. Please specify amperage (8, 16 or 25) as needed. 3. Document Pouch The clear plastic document pouch is the final piece of the glove box kit. It holds all of your important registration information under the elastic strap where Porsche intended it to be.

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