356 Driver’s Manual folders Pre A T1 and T2 (accurate reprint) - $125 including shipping to US

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I have just finished a limited quantity of Early 'PORSCHE' script and later 'Porsche Crest' folders with contents labels. These folders contained the Driver’s Manual that was delivered with each new 356 leaving the factory, they also contained other documents and was placed in the glove box. I have had a small run of the correct deep red coloured leather look card made and created two different, accurate die stamps, the Porsche crest for T2 folders and the PORSCHE script for Pre A and T1 folders. Each folder is hand cut, creased, die stamped (using my garage hydraulic press to a pressure of 3 tonnes) and glued so I will only be producing small batches. You can follow the discussion regarding these folders in the Authenticity Corner section of the 356 Forum. The price is $125 including shipping to the US. One small disclaimer: The card stock is just like the original (cheap pulp board with a leather look grain) BUT just like the original folders if it gets wet the colour can bleed, so your laminated drivers manual will be fine but I would not put your priceless original documents into the folder if your glove box gets wet inside.

Location: United kingdom

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Posted 4:36PM, Dec 05, 2017

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