Originally Bosch Horns - Restored - A &B 1957 through 1961 Cars - $356

For Sale by L. Julian Hardy - Posted in 356 Parts/Accessories

I have restored a few more sets of Original Bosch Horns that came with your 1957 through 1961 cars. The grills and bases are stripped, media blasted and sanded to a smooth finish to remove all of the rust and pits. No filler is used. The tone plates are stripped media blasted and painted. The original screws that hold the base are refinished and then hot painted. I can also restore your Original Horns. So, trade in your old rusty horns for a nicely restored set of Original Bosch Horns. I am holding the price at $356.00 with core exchange.(12v slightly higher)plus shipping Regards Julian

Location: Naples,FL

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Posted 1:34PM, Jun 26, 2017

Expires 12:27PM, Nov 18, 2021